EU Internet Forum against terrorist content and hate speech online

EU Internet Forum against terrorist content and hate speech online
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Since last year, we have been reporting on the “EU Internet Forum”
set up by the European Commission to fight terrorism and hate speech
online. In reality, the IT-Forum gathers two initiatives: one run by the
Home Affairs Directorate General of the European Commission, on
“terrorism”; and one run by the Justice and Consumers Directorate
General, on “hate speech” (sometimes illegal “hate speech”, sometimes
non-specific “hate speech”).
Since the initial meetings of both initiatives took place behind
closed doors and the meetings of the terrorism part still do, we have
also been busy trying to get information on the nature of the
discussions and participants involved. This document pool gives you an
overview of the activities of the EU Internet Forum and a list of
documents we received upon request from the European Commission.

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Additional resources: launches first report (PDF)

This is brilliant, it’s heading straight for Orwell’s “Department of Truth” where even the matter-of-fact discussion of documented history makes one a (jailable) thought criminal.


“Hate speech”

There is no such thing as hate speech. Another government made up terminology to control the masses. Just like “Conspiracy theories”.

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