Ethereum turns to rust?

Gavin Wood Ethereum Founder might turn to rust?

I’m afraid to say I’ll be letting my C++ get a little rusty as I explore various avenues of technology other than the cpp-ethereum core. Nevertheless I’ll do my best to support and guide Bob, Christoph and others as they take it forward to new realms and provide a bit of competition for the other teams.

The road ahead is surely bumpy but we know what we have to do and the views, I expect, will be magnificent. Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.



No. Ethereum is not going rust. lol.

Gavin specifically said he is leaving, and do other opportunities. This is one of them. ID2020. He did say “rusty.” That might be an hit, he is building ID2020 in rust.


No. Ethereum is not going rust. lol.

I’d bet it’s more likely it’s going to dust rather than Rust.

It’s a curious kind of future-ware, Ethereum.


Quite the opposite, He left to create his own startup to work on the Ethereum platform. Probably payments related as seen in this tweet


thanks for the link @heliumcraft
Still positions for c++ so it seems not Rust…

They do list rust as a skill they are looking (see link below). I expect Ethereum and Maidsafe may work hand in glove in many projects.

Key Skills:

A strong grounding in C++ is appreciated but not essential

Knowledge of: boost, network protocols or cryptography

Experience of programming in other interesting programming languages, such as Rust, Haskell, Go etc.

Understanding of and experience in sound agile practices

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Personally I am all-in on the next generation systems programming languages being actually better, and I don’t think I’ve been let down yet…

c/c++ = designed around machine needs
Go / Rust = designed to enable humans to achieve incredible things using machines

That’s a pretty large difference, IMHO. The human factors design makes a win, over and over.


Hello guys
ETHCORE implementation of ethereum has gone public just yesterday
and it is indeed fully in Rust :slightly_smiling:


Great endorsement of MaidSafe’s courageous decision.


on IOTA ryver chat today

StasFri 2:41pm
@cfb looking at EtherCore, perhaps we should also consider a Rust client?
seems some projects switch to it, like MaidSafe as well.

Interesting, although 90% of what’s said in that chat box goes over my head :confused:

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David Sønstebø @ IOTA

“While a full roadmap of the Foundation will be released shortly, I can reveal that our primary focus will be C and Rust clients, which will make the IOTA experience several fold more efficient and seamless”

Confirmed… Rust getting more popular definitely feels more and more like a validation of the direction SAFE took.


Especially when you look at the kinds of things that rust is popular for doing.

Huge, difficult, secure things.