Ethereum - funny Description on their website

I wonder what they are trying to say with that?

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they say that the frontier-release is beta-software and therefore not considered safe.


I think they’re trying to be different from all the regular services of today that promise safety and require you to trust them.

Decentralisation is supposed to be more perfect and require you not to trust words like “safe” or “good”

Frontiers are not safe. It’s a tautology.


So SAFE Network is like a new frontier that has already been cultivated?

Oh yeah, this is better.

Like its not safe because it’s successfully decentralized. Therefore it’s unregulated (and free! :D). Therefore it could potentially have all kindsa cray

SAFEnet is being cultivated for SAFETY FIRST :slightly_smiling: But anything is beta should be considered a frontier - even SAFEnet.

They say it´s beta not final. #simples