Ethereum community is still looking for a storage solution (3/7/16)

From Mar 7, 2016 Ethereum community is still looking for a storage solution (IPFS, swarm, etc) We’d appreciate your consideration a lot.


I think we all know the best answer here! :wink:


LOL @ ETH, the most bloated blockchain ever. People should stop with ETH, because the future of it is simply that it will be forked by a huge company and that the ETH project will get abandoned and everyone will lose their coins.

The blockchain is already 10GB+. Do you really think people are making an ETH node when it will be 100GB in 2 years? No, they won’t.


well they are working on slimming it down, but yes i would say that architecturally blockchain based p2p systems don’t scale very well. supposedly there is some “-fast” flag that slims it down to about 3 GB, but on the other hand 3GB in only 6 months at early stage usage is a lot.

if things keep moving, it will be way over 100 GB in 2 years.

another issue i found is that even if it can be slimmed down it will have an affect on the type of interactions that can be achieved.

personally I think it would be better to just take the EVM and see if it can be back ended by a Maidsafe database and storage layer…


Is the MAIDSAFE social media team available to remind them @EthereumPress guys that sumthin big is up in storageland?


We’re not quite ready to engage with anyone right now, past experience has taught us that engaging too early wastes a lot of time and diverts attention releasing the network for all users and developers. We are almost there though. I will take a note of this and go back when the time is right, I suspect the best approach might be via Ethereum engineers.


Yeah, I laughed at the post.
Are we supposed to click on the Twitter link? Pay me and I’ll think about it.

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Talking about the stupid size of Ethereums blockchain. Would it not make sense for Ethereum and Maid to partner and Ethereum to be based within SafeNetwork? E.g Upload the blockchain once to SAFENet and then everyone just connects and updates that one blockchain. That way it is in one location, but decentralized because of the nature of SafeNet.

Maybe not exactly the way I have explained here but along the lines…


No, it wouldn’t. What does it even mean, to partner?

The API is available to anyone.

I’d hate to see Ethereum pushed on the community here. Couple of people from this forum made $500 on the recent Ethereum hype and now they’re running around like Vitalik’s Witnesses, looking to create more hype to cash out.


SAFE should not even consider being partners with ETH crap. if MS is involved in it then you know the blockchain is going to be used for big data farming. SAFE should not being part of that.


LOL, true that.

Also, I can’t help but notice the news isn’t “Ethereum has failed to come up with a storage solution”, but “Maidsafe would benefit from partnering with the pumpers”.


Yup. that is the biggest issue I have with blockchain technology. It will eventually lead to database blockchain node. If the database blockchain node goes down, the blockchain users will lose access to apps, coins, etc. I can’t wait to see that doomsday!

I hope ETH with die soon…it is just another pump and dump coin made by Nick Szabo (aka Satoshi) because BTC didn’t become what he wanted it to be.

Have you not noticed that the supporters are mostly Bitcoin early
adopters? Bitcoin has been abandoned by most of them and they moved to
ETH, they will dump ETH also when they made millions more. Just go
search twitter $ETH and see these early adopters cheering ETH, it’s
pathetic because Satoshi Nakamoto (Nick Szabo) is knee deep in ETH too
but that’s because all he ever wanted was a smart contracts platform not
a crypto-currency.

Made by VNL dev.

I don’t think they are.
Although you can say everyone who’s in cryptocoin space is an early Bitcoin adopter. People messed with everything back in the day including Litecoin (when I started you had to try all coins just because, and there were so few of them you could still do it).

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum had (has?) serious issues with misuse of funds and so on. Bitcoin core devs have mostly behaved, I would say. Sure there are scumbags in associated commercial projects, that can’t be helped or controlled, but the core devs are mostly respected for their integrity.

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Good plan @nicklambert There are only good things that will come from an association with Ethereum. They have their challenges but their community, market penetration and corporate following will bring opportunities for SAFE and reward the SAFE community in many ways.


it totally goes against the point of SAFE. ETH is not an anonymous network. Whats the point of connecting it to each other? i would abandoned SAFE right away if ETH will be part of it.


You can still use SAFE for all the anonymous things you want and how it is suppose to be used. A suggestion could be that Ethereum is an app within SAFE to solve their problems with a huge blockchain. So in no way will the two systems be part of one another. Ethereum could just use the network to solve its problem.

I mean that’s the main purpose of SAFENetwork, to have distributed storage space.


I’m not gonna share my servers for ETH also…then i don’t farm at all.

  • I thought Ethereum was going to be PoS “soon”. So if the blockchain is a problem, are they saying they’re abandoning the crappy PoW approach of Bitcoin? Or is MaidSafe being asked to waste time on helping them hype their tech for few more months while the Wunderkind fixes all the “glitches” in the PoS concept?
  • Ethereum is already complex, so adding another layer for access to the blockchain sounds like a great idea!
  • What’s in it for MaidSafe users and farmers except hype? One copy of blockchain cached everywhere, likely for free. Partnering with PornoPanda makes 10 times more sense.

What a joke.

(And by the way, before someone says I’m against Ethereum because I don’t like them, feel free to search this forum for my objections for putting the bitcoin blockchain on SAFE as well, that idea is just as ludicrous as this one).


I know you like them. I like them as well, but I see some very big problems with their scalebility. And I don’t think it’s a good idea to put blockchains on SAFE. I thought about it but I don’t see any reason why that would be a good thing.

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