ETHEREUM COFOUNDER: Ethereum is 'a ticking time bomb'

ETHEREUM COFOUNDER: Ethereum is ‘a ticking time bomb’ - Read at Business Insider: ETHEREUM COFOUNDER: There Is 'a Ticking Time Bomb' in Cryptocurrencies


Why would anyone consider this a timebomb :smiley:
I can’t even figure out what most of these things are supposed to do except being even more smartcontract on top of an even better blockchain that will revolutionize everything and cure worldhunger.


Surely if it were a superior blockchain, it would have improved on the problems bitcoin blockchain has.
To me that would be blockchain bloat / size. Which it did not do.
Sure it can fork for it, but so could any chain.

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I think the fact that the safe network makes progress without trying to over market or over hype and release before the tech is ready, is actually going to for the best. Just think, this bubble will pop, people will get more cautious about ICO’s which will hopefully prevent the same mistakes being made on the safe network, and then all of a sudden this blockchainless global network emerges from the dust! All are amazed at its efficiency, simplicity, and security. :star_struck:


I invested in Civic and it’s definitely not another Ethereum or type of blockchain. But yes, most of these will under deliver or not deliver at all. Then again money wise they may all turn out to be good investments for the original investors as more money will flow in to the crypto space.

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I skimmed the whitepaper but couldn’t really figure out what it’s about. Identitymanagement ok… but then ?

In short it’s identity via the blockchain. They have a working product (app) which can be used at a few sites already and they announced integration with a few fairly large sites (including Wikihow). ICO was done fairly clean with a random queueing system and a maximum on the presale.

Should be able to find more info in some youtube videos if you’re really interested:

I also think Vinny is a standup guy and I didn’t buy in for pump and dump but to hold long term. May sell a few once it goes up 3x or more to cover initial cost.

I’m not seeing any value in this to be honest. This is a centralized service on top of a decentralized blockchain.