ETH Advertisements - The Platypus campaign

You are still missing the point. There is no point offering a coupon for something that is free.

Thank you, @davidpbrown. Eloquently put.


Free does not mean that everyone can get it. :wink:

Plus with 1 coupon you can claim in any alpha, beta and finally in the real network. :wink:

This feels like talking to a brick wall. Free is free. They’d literally just need to sign up. :woman_facepalming:t5:

No, because if this is the only obstacle, then every alpha and beta will be destroyed by real spam attacks through bots.

We’ve been in Alpha for years, and seem to be doing ok. Also, if you’re airdropping tokens to just anyone you’ve already introduced a vulnerability. Finally, having done this rodeo before, I’m sure MaidSafe has and is putting thought into how to prevent such an attack. Willing to bet a ton that the UX will be much more straightforward than what you’re proposing.

Also, once again if the purpose is preventing spam, then instead of spamming people with another token, we should encourage them to get MAID and make participation in BETA contingent on holding MAID. This would actually align incentives.

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Topic is Guerrilla marketing… not “Does ETH have any utility?”…

I can imagine ETH holders wanting a real value airdropped… but real utility is not free because it is valuable.


Thank you for the feedback. Your opinions has been taken into account.

I will now ask we leave the discussion open to people who think such a campaign makes sense and will want to get involved.


No one is stopping anyone who thinks it makes sense from sharing their opinion. Don’t censor people who think it makes no sense either. :peace_symbol:

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Obviously, you can continue to engage in the discussion. There is no censorship in this forum.

Then what was the point in saying:

??? ??? ?


Because I tried to explain to you what the meaning was and I failed. I see no point in arguing whether or not it makes sense.

I want to talk to people who see the point in preparing a plan. You can obviously continue to join the discussion whenever you want.

Obviously, if anyone thinks this is a good idea, they can say so at any time. Let’s see what happens…

Thank you for your concern! There are several people willing to discuss the details. Let’s see if there will be more…

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You could always just make a poll…


I imagine the organization as follows. People who want to participate with their money choose a committee and act. Like me and @goindeep gave money for the meme campaign and together we decided that I will run it. People who will not participate in the campaign and will not give money I do not see why they will want to vote?

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@Dimitar, it’s inappropriate that you moved @davidpbrown’s comment. You frequently abuse your moderator privileges, and I think this is something that needs to be addressed.

For the record:

While I appreciate that you’ve since changed the name of this topic. It is still inappropriate for you to unilaterally shift posts to suit your agenda. It’s tyrannical.


Have to agree. I know @Dimitar has done a lot for the community but it seems like recently you are too focused on money, over moderation, maybe too much time on your hands or maybe looking for financial gain?? I know you genuinely support SAFE but you are using your position to be forceful even though it comes off as passive because everyone is a “friend”. I like a lot of your ideas but the push is often too hasty for my liking.

The last thing you want to do is cause a rift and break this community apart. Trust me.


I have asked the other moderators of the forum to judge. I thought it was right to divide the topics because there were two opinions that are offtopic. In the OP it is clear what the goal is. For the title, I agree that it could be more specific and I changed it as suggested.

Thanks… for the record, I don’t appreciate the fork of thread.