ETC Investment Trust - Barry Silbert

Any thought on Grayscale’s Ethereum Classic Investment Trust?
With the proposed hard cap it would seem likely to appreciate but I don’t closely follow ETC or ETH for that matter.
I am looking for something new to invest in (nothing huge just play money) but the thought of yet another fork if they dont agree is taking the piss.
@Jabba I am sure you must have a thought?

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I thought it was about the next ETF at first.

Actually, I don’t know anything about the ETC Trust really. It sounds quite risky though.

ETH is flavour of the month now so ETC survives, but what happens when all those exciting use-cases for Eth jump over to SAFE when the world comes to understand the data chain?

I think FCT, BTC, Eth etc will survive, but they won’t be nearly as huge or exciting. I could see ETC dying off in that world, so I wouldn’t touch anything to do with it that I was planning on staying in for the long term.

But as I say… I know nothing really. Just assumptions and bias :wink:

Seems to me if ETC impose a hard cap and this fund starts buying them up to create even more scarcity it could see a rise.
Hence my willingness to risk a few bucks…
I sold my play ETH last light to wake up this AM with it up $5. Oooops.
It’s crazy how everything is shooting up at the minute.

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I agree… I am deep into MAID so the money I play with on Alts is for fun.

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You’re not the only one!

I sold the last of my eth at 1.6 yesterday too.

How do they know to pump as soon as I sell anything? lol :wink:

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Ohh why FCT in that list too?

Well, not that I think FCT is all that exciting. But they do run their business well and they will still have some use-cases as far as I can tell in the post SAFE world. They seem to have taken the right approach with the right audience. That’s quite powerful and tends to be longer lasting.

Disclaimer, I don’t own any fct, but I did buy a bit of equity in a BttF round some time ago, so perhaps it’s just my own bias showing through.