ETA App Launcher?

The installers are coming soon :slight_smile: But, when is the App Launcher going to be released?

Dev bundle 2 :wink:

I think Maidsafe will work on dev bundle 2 in the sprint after the current.


I think there actually may be a technical debt sprint after current sprint before dev bundle 2 sprint.

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What or who is your source on this info?


Maybe this is your source :slight_smile: But not sure if these old quotes are still true because they’re so many changes each week. We’ll probably get the answer from todays(?) dev update.

I found this one:

I believe we’re currently at the first of these very focused sprints, not 100% sure though. And as I said things change quite fast in Maidsafeland.

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Also here

Finishing dev bundle 1 right now so guess there will be 2 feature focussed sprints first.