Estimate remaining man hours to beta?

Is there now an estimate of remaining man hrs to beta? Have to be getting close. Talk of ‘products’ is off putting. If SAFE is a product that can be productized for sale that sounds like there will be no revolution? Are there remaining problems that have uncertain or possible unworkable solutions? And if not why can’t the entire project be done open source- Torvalds helped launch an OS that way.

Seems the coin may be in some way be holding up the launch of the desperately needed network.
And yet it seems the network should be able to stand alone.

More and more I don’t see the value of crypto coin. If it is a currency more stable and less subject to speculation, inflation and deflation and with less friction and less subject to arbitrage fine and great. But thinking its is going to be a tool of tax evasion and private tax rent seeking seems delusional. The idea that a currency can retain its value without a state’s guns and butter behind it and a state’s power to issue, collect and distribute by spending seems like a currency that won’t have the mindshare and belief behind it to act as a viable commons for exchange. It becomes more games like tokens at laundromats but without the abuse of money constraints that public vouchers enable. As for tax states will just hit tangibles with penalties when people come up for air.

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SAFECoin wise…
The hard disk space running the network will have been bought by real world currency. I think at a bare minimum the “states guns and butter” backed currency that bought the hard disk will be transmitted through on to the value of the SAFECoin. That’s the bare minimum. The value of storing data and other services will further give the coin value… that’s what tax does? We earn in £ because there is a need to pay tax in £, my need for data services will drive my network spending… and finally, the speculation mechanisms that bitcoin relies on. I think we’ll do well. :wink:


At base what tax is about for states is glue or keeping people identified with a society through demand creation, they stir the pot with it and get people to intermingle enough to creat bonds and stay vested in the society. So for states tax is about raw vestment of which investment is just a possible piece.

But as for storage, I am not sure that will always have a cost. Saw a paper from the early 2000s claiming a potentially infinite amount could be stored in a single electron. And these were definitely the kind of people (high grade academic researchers) with the math sophistication to not toss around “infinte” in a non rigorous way. But this is just one of the features of quantum computing like the one where adding a single q bit doubles compute power and each additional bit does this without seeming limit. Seems like that would hit bit coin valuations but also make mining more ecological. Would it collapse the valuations.

My thing is we need SAFE right now to defeat these new monarchist, economic royalists and totalitarians and we should be fighting fossil fuel money and power/influence with same force we fought the Nazi’s right now! How come there is no damn money for what actually matters!!! And why are the best coders in the world that are also good people not coming out of the wood work to help right now? Do we want societies based on lies, fear and coercion-oppression-class in the face of existential tech or do we want the trust and friendship and peace based format that will take the hand cuffs off?

Just noticing the censorship on Twitter is even worse than Face Book. Apparentltly with Twitter sponsors just pay to have accounts and content deleted in a pure bribe. Its so double speak that we have a bought and paid for President arguing that he should be able as a both a candidate and an office holder to invoke, bribe, coerce foreign govenments to interfere in election he’s involved in for his benefit and theirs and be self righteous about it and say its not a crime or an impeachable offence when the constitution specifically names bribery as one of the high crime impeachable offenses and then as much as he appears to be a sold out asset to a foreign state or states he is surrounded by a similar group of sold out people for whom bribery is a way of life with a chief of staff that says they bribe and lie all the time the public didn’t know it but now it does and it just has to shut up about it and accept the corruption and further these people are entitled to secrecy to cover their corruption!

Johnson just compared Corbyn to Stalin, which is utter nonsense but Johnson does seem like Henry the 8th.

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I think to set expectations its best to just accept that it will be done when its done and there are no guarantees it will ever be done, but they have come a good ways from the 2015 days :slight_smile: .

Once they deliver to the public routing to work with sections, relocation, elders and so on. Then it will be time to start thinking SAFE Network humanities data decentralized and secure moon mode :new_moon: . But even with that there are plenty other tasks at hand! No rest for the weary heh.


Can someone just erase this topic, its not a post it’s more of half barreled anarchist manifesto.

Say!! I want to know the buy and sell timing !!

Censorship!!! lol

It’s under community topic @waveman352 … I think it’s perfectly acceptable - it’s not like he’s being libelous or attacking individuals.


Actually I am also interested to know how much time community members think it will take :slight_smile: I totally understand that the team don’t want give any estimation and this subject have been discussed already.

I would like to do a poll where community members try to guess, based on what they know of the project, how far are we from a fully functional testnet launch?

Edit: Actually guys I will delete this poll and do a better one :). Will post the link to the thread here.

Edit2: Added here Community polls