Español (Spanish): Bienvenido al Foro Safe :spain:

Thank you, I’ll give the rest for translation too :dragon:

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Internet deberia ser usado con el articulo femenino, ya que se hace referencia a la red internet.

“Estamos construyendo la nueva Internet”

y le cambiaria tambien lo de “La neutralidad de la red viene de serie” por “La neutralidad de la red viene por diseño”, como para eliminar ambiguedades.

No lo veo. Aunque sea un error de base habitualmente no se usa “la internet” sino “el internet”.

La verdad es que, personalmente, me gusta más el original. El concepto “viene de serie” creo que encaja mejor en una web dedicada al gran público que el “viene por diseño”.

Maidsafe, no obstante, es el que debiera elegir.

Me imaginaba que te sonaría “raro” porque en España tienen la costumbre de usarlo en masculino, pero el diccionario panhispanico también lo menciona:

La Internet -como entidad- debería llamársele en femenino: “La Internet es revolucionaria”, refiriéndose a la red de redes.
Pero también se lo puede escuchar en masculino “el Internet me anda lento”, cuando uno se refiere al servicio del proveedor de internet.

Es similar la diferencia entre la televisión y el televisor.

Con lo “de serie” también me parece que es una expresión más común en la península y menos claro en las américas.
Sino, para acercársele más al texto original, que te parece “La neutralidad de la red es un estándar garantizado”

Me sigue sonando fatal pero si lo veis mejor, por mi adelante.

¿Y cambiar “de serie” por “de nacimiento” o “de inicio”?

Hey @digipl, @piluso,

I would like to invite you in the Spanish forum

If you agree to become an administrators and manage it for the good of the future Spanish-speaking community, it will be great! :rocket: :bowing_man: :rocket:

What do you think?

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I could help, but I’m not sure that, at this point, we need a separate spanish forum and not continue to use the local part of safenetforum. I’m afraid, for now, there’s not enough critical mass for a separate forum.
For example, Safe Network in Discord is empty.


You’re right. Therefore, apart from the initial creation of the categories, there will not be much work and it will not take your time. :dragon:

But in the forum we will be able to discuss the translation of the rest of the site ( each individual page of the site in a separate forum topic) + later I will publish translations of the more important SAFE medium articles. :dragon:

If you decide to register please tell me to make you an admin :bowing_man:

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I concur with digipl.
For practicality reasons I would prefer having a Spanish subforum here rather than managing a separate site.


I agree with you, unfortunately the owner of this forum does not allow (for now). We will have to settle for a separate forum.

And when I say we I’m talking about all the millions of people who know Spanish but don’t know English. There is no pressure from me to you to join. It was just a friendly request. :heart:

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Hey friends,

the translator sent me a few more pages. I added them here: Sugerencias sobre el sitio - SAFE Network Español

Can you confirm to me that the translation is good enough to pay for the next parts? Thank you!

I added 2 more pages. 3/4 of the translation is ready! :dragon:

It reads like a mechanical literal translation that was corrected by a Hispanic speaker.
Your translator is making a few mistakes called “deísmos”, these are most commonly done by latinos who aren’t well educated.
There are a few terms that were translated with the wrong meaning and your translator hasn’t realized that it doesn’t make any sense in the context, such as “almacén” for “store” (Store was translated as a noun, as a retail outlet).

How much are you paying for these translations?

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Well I didn’t expect it to be perfect. For the Spanish I pay 3 euro per page. I will have to find an editor too… :dragon:

$3 a page? No wonder… are you getting them from Fiverr?

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No friend, from Bulgarian freelancer site… Can you recommend an editor for the text?

The Spanish site is 100% ready and uploaded!
:power: :spain: :saferocket:


The translation should be Spanish-neutral. Btw who owns the domain?

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At the moment me, in the future the SAFE foundation that I will register :dragon:

Let’s hope that when there is a Spanish community, they will edit it :safelove:
Of course, if you have time and fix it, I’ll be happy to post the changes :dragon:

You are going above and beyond, I applaud your efforts, but should transfer the ownership of the domains to MaidSafe.

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