Error with invitationcode in authenticator

I just got trust level 1.

I have set the ip address, but receive this error code in authenticator on android

Blockquote Create acct failed: Error code: -117. Description: core error: routing client error -> Invitation token has already been used.


Gz on reaching the required trust level :slight_smile: and merry christmas.

That error normally means the token is used to create an account already. Maybe you made multiple attempts and something failed?

I’ve sent you a new token in a private message which you should be able to use and create an account in the network.

Hope that helps and thanks for trying out the alpha network.


Hi, thanks for your reply!

I am unfortunately receiving the same error, I’m probably missing something.
I click “join”, then paste the invitation code and press “create account”.

Should I pick a “secret” and “password” at this step?

Hmm not sure how you’re creating your account, but you can maybe have a watch of the video by zoki which could help you out if that process is confusing and see what you’re missing to do.


Hi Viv, i am using the android versiond of the authenticator.

I just installed the desktop version (safe browser) but am getting “invitation already claimed”.
Could you send me another invitation code to try with the desktop application.

There is no difference with the mobile or desktop version of the apps, you still pretty much paste the invite token from the given urls, choose a secret and password and should be sorted.

I’ve sent you a new code but considering you’re getting token already used, just use whatever you’ve been pasting into the secret and password fields into the login page and you should be fine in whichever version of the app.


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