Error when registering invitation token

Sorry if I’m posting this is the wrong place.

I just received basic user status, got my invitation token, and downloaded the browser. I went through the steps of creating an account secret and an account password, and pressed continue. It then said “Registering on SAFE Network.” It sat for a couple minutes then gave me the error “Core error: Blocking operation was cancelled” How would I go about solving this?


Never mind. I think it was just my wifi choking for a minute. It allowed me to register and sign in. I will delete this as soon as I figure out how.

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one of my guys is having a similar error,

I can just send anyone one of my invitation tokens and it’s all supposed to work, right @moderators ?

Or does everyone really actually need trust level 1 in order to do anything on Alpha 2??

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Yo bro they’ll need to login (@ with your safenetforum account to update their IP address, so you can’t just send everyone your invite code. If it’s a dev they can ask one of the forum moderators to bump up their trustlevel to 1, but they seriously need to be working on an SAFE Network application, before that happens I suppose. Hope it helps :stuck_out_tongue:

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jeez with mine? that’s madness :anger: :angry:

Maybe I can just make a joint SAFE-FS dev account or something for everyone to use to update IP’s

Hey @moderators it’s Will, so I just registered this one for my devs, can I please get this one boosted to Trust level 1, so that my guys can work on something?

They can all just use this same account to get past the IP verification part, right?


Yes, to confirm, that post above was truly me :slight_smile:

And it’s working great! Thanks for the level 1 boost guys. All 3 of my guys have been using that same account to register their different IP’s successfully, to activate their tokens.

This is the best system to use for multiple devs. Glad its working thanks!


I think a local network as described in How to run a local test network topic in the dev forum would be better in your case: no limits on users, IP addresses, number of data mutations, …

The network is not necessarily local, it can be defined on a set of droplets (digital ocean, vultur, …).


100% agree @JPL Circumventing the limits is suicide for the testnets, @whiteoutmashups we really should not be trying to bypass weeks of work and opening doors to the same problem we tried to prevent.

Remember why this exists, when it’s wide open we get folk spamming the network. Trying to subvert that is not a great idea. We already lost weeks implementing this to get devs able able to use alpha2 without those attacks. You cannot issue your own invite tokens anyway, but if folk were doing that we would need to think about excluding their ID from the invite server or worse just stop testnets. The jobs hard enough without all that :wink: If you share an account the you are opening up attacks to the network and alpha2 may be killed that way. Please do not do this or we will need to delete such accounts.

Is it really so hard for folk to read for an hour before developing? Surely getting some info about the network benefits everyone? Perhaps registered dev forum members should be included mind you.


Makes sense, to get some scope again I’m dealing with 3 total devs who are working on a single 3kb HTML file, so I don’t expect to ruin Alpha 2 but I hear you guys and will try to learn and setup the offline version

Just here to help make apps for your system, and help it flourish, as always. Truly hope I’m not being seen as an enemy or attacker. Much better things to do than that.

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