Error on testnet V3: Transfer(InsufficientBalance)

Are we needing funds already?

# safe files put --recursive dok-rezosur
Error: NetDataError: Failed to PUT Public Blob: Transfer(InsufficientBalance)
~ # 

I’m also forever stuck on unlocking.

~ # safe auth unlock --self-auth
Sending action request to authd to unlock the Safe...

And I can’t join, because that would require more files.

Running sn_node v0.37.8
[sn_node] INFO 2021-04-16T07:10:16.348859484+00:00 [src/bin/] The network is not accepting nodes right now. Retrying after 3 minutes

The CLI assigned balance are 777 Tokens.

It hangs on my side.

~ # safe keys balance

It worked for me for a while but now it hangs too.

Seem that keypair with a pk having a certain prefix sometimes cannot connect.

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Yes, this kinda links to @tfa s findings about non-responsive sections or perhaps worse, wrong nodes in a section? Something really wrong there, so an interesting one. @qi_ma is on this now.


In version 0.23.3 of CLI you can already generate a new keypar for CLI with testcoins using $ safe keys create --test-coins --for-cli, after that you can start spending them by uploading file again. No need of authd here.

Plus, in very next version of CLI you will be able to query the PK of CLI’s keypair so you can transfer more testcoins to it if you run out of coins.

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