=== Equality ===


People are intrinsically equal. An unusual ability creates an obligation to serve. Any difference in distribution resulting from that ability would be valid to the extent that it was needed to help improve life for everyone and only to that extent. People are intrinsically equal. Attempts to justify inequity include rhetoric about being “created equal,” or being treated equally if “equally situated” or having “equal opportunity.” Luck is also not a valid differentiator. Every attempt to create privilege is a scam, privilege is violence inducing inequity. Phony doctrines include IQ, hardwired DNA, lotteries and luck of the market, inherited title, nationality, special status imparted by religion, arbitrary and unnecessary contests. That money, especially inherited money should entitle one to privilege or an increased political voice is another scam. Even the stewardship of money entitling one to an increased voice is another scandal. These are all attempts to make inequity acceptable. Systems based on privilege aren’t sustainable and end in violence. Inequity is a kind of violence and slavery is murder.

The capitalists economic system, was based on giving some people a temporary arbitrary increase in power and it did bring us to the point almost half a century ago where we had the tech to transcend it with a system based on abundance that would provide a much solid foundation for equality. In such a replacement system, if someone doesn’t want to contribute they would still be supported in their basic needs based on the inherited tech which everyone’s relatives worked to bring about. Such a system would be naturally democratic meaning everyone had a voice and share of the political power and no one was coerced over need by wealth. Such a system most of all would place limits on the power of money and the ability to use it against people. This is the very heart of democracy. A democracy would never tolerate the arbitrarily rich nor allow them through claiming money is speech to vote themselves an ever increasing share of the wealth and power. Democracies tax away unjustifiable wealth and naturally limit the coercive power of money.

Our current wealthy especially in the US hate democracy because it will not support their arbitrary claims to wealth and power especially where we’ve had tech for decades that can transition us to abundance. Spurred by the tech shift to the likelihood of a post scarcity system, for a period approaching half a century they have been working to get rid of democracy and replace it with a system of artificial scarcity based on toll roads, exclusive gateways and sponsorship (sponsored media and sponsored law based on sponsored media) that will amount to complete slavery and the inability to address inequity. It’s a land filled with ever more profit inefficient mechanisms, indoctrination instead of education and fake work and jobs. Its also entails ever increasing amounts of waste, especially relative to the tech and an ever increasing focus on war as a distraction. Capitalism, flawed and temporary and insufficient as it was died almost half a century ago, and in the interim has slowly been being replaced with tech reinforced slavery.