Epic safe websites 😍

A curated list of the most epic early Safe network websites. I will update these regularly. But remember to see these websites, you need to have the Safe launcher running and configure your network to have Automatic Proxy Configuration and point to http://visualiser.maidsafe.net/safe_proxy.pac

Now the list:

  1. http://the.safewebring.safenet/ The safe webring links a bunch of website together
  2. http://me.advanced.safenet/ The most advanced page so far? include a command line Q&A
  3. http://goodvibes.onaka.safenet/ The ocean
  4. http://music.frodo.safenet/ A music player but without music yet
  5. http://blowthetrumpet.makkapakka.safenet/ music and trumpet !!!
  6. http://curtainsdrawn.m3data.safenet/#0 patience has its rewards.
  7. http://exponential.evolution.safenet/ abundance is our future. Watch a video in Safe network. No one can know what you are watching anymore.

That’s for now. I will add more when there are more good stuffs. So it looks promising however it is slow to load from here. Keep more coming …


Party over here! Woot! Woot! :tada:

FYI - @LongV there is definitely music there now such as “it’s a beautiful day” which it is. :grin:

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http://www.pacman.safenet (play some pacman!!!)


I can’t play it. Nothing happens in the initial screen


edit: changed it to http://captain.safenet

i can’t open any of these Links. Why? Please help. THX

SAFE Network Client Testing Commences are you running the software?

you have to make sure that you are logged into the launcher and also have that proxy file set up so that your browser knows to talk to the launcher when a *.safenet address is called

Yes, the Launcher is running on my Mac as iam browsing. SO how i have to setup the proxy? And what about other viewer from outside. Can they visit my Link?

they need to follow the same process as you for the time being. they will make it easier in the future i think.

proxy set up via the browsers advanced settings on chrome mac or via the wifi advanced settings… takes you to the same place (from wifi icon in taskbar open network preferences > advanced > proxies > advanced proxy config, then need to link to that maidsafe proxy address)

link is in the set up manual… which you should have read :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok…what i have to change in the proxy settings?

where i can finde the manual?


you will want to enable auto proxy and point to the proxy pac file http://visualiser.maidsafe.net/safe_proxy.pac

details for each browser are in the link about I believe.

It works now. Thank you very much

A message to the maidsafe team! Thanks for all your hard work! http://test.risky.safenet/

I wouldn’t call my site epic, but I think it’s nice. :relaxed:

For all those that haven’t checked it:

http://home.joyda.safenet/ All of the links work. Don’t hesitate to click around.

For a sultry experience:

http://houseof.joyda.safenet/ I might be the first to have uploaded content of this nature for public viewing on the SAFE network. :yum:

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I have made a site as well. A Safenet version of my regular website - safe://artifaxradio.artifax.safenet/