EOS app compatibility with SafeNet

Just an idea that crossed my mind - The company behind EOS is pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into app development for the EOS platform. It seems to me that this will inevitably build a really strong network effect around EOS long term. So I’m wondering if it would be possible to build a app compatibility layer to support EOS developed apps on SafeNet? Such that we can take advantage of the EOS network effect.

What are the problems/barriers with this idea? What do you think?


If the EOS platform works as it should, then it should be possible to build an interface. The killer app would be an automated process to buy puts via safe from any other crypto. Then you could actually have distributed applications transparently using SAFE for … whatever. A really good idea.

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Supposedly you are speaking about this eos


I like EOS and especially it’s speed (a new block every 0.5 seconds and) and the support of thousands of transactions per second. But I have no idea how to link the 2 networks. Yes, it probably can be done but Block.One (the company behind EOS) is already working on their own storage solution:

Their idea is quite centralized and not autonomous. But it could already be quite better from what Google and the other big companies are offering us. When the time is there the MaidSafe devs could look into the EOS Virtual Machine for smart contracts. It uses Web Assembly and is quite fast.


I was more imagining being able to re-use the same app code for both platforms, as opposed to utilizing an app that could access both platforms at once … if that makes sense. I believe that EOS has already allocated nearly $400 million in deals with two angel capital companies to provide seed money for apps developed for EOS … So, I suspect there will be a lot of activity/development happening around EOS. I think it would be great if there were a way to run the same apps that were made for EOS as separate apps on SafeNet … maybe would requires some sort of interpreter layer that can communicate with both SafeNet and EOS apps.


I get that DPOS is “good enough” and “better than bitcoin and ethereum” as Dan (theman) says. But why settle? I’m not arguing that it won’t be incentivized well enough to be robust but it’s just not what we’re going for here in this space. It’s about including everyone at the micro scale to me and with the high powered servers etc that EOS delegates will need, that’s never going to happen. Plus Dan Larimer is such a shill and basically engages in smear campaigns with opposing projects, also constantly summing up SAFE as storage that won’t work. I’m not a fan at all. But that’s why I think this idea has some merit! Bring some of the EOS lovers over to SAFE or at least get some business of the delegates on the network.


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