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Hello Safe Forum,

I’ve been studying what cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin will be the most valuable (in performance mainly) and all roads have led me to the Maid Safe Coin. I’ve started by buying some on EOBOT where I’ve also bought their Cloud Mining Power and accumulating more Maid Safe Coins. I think I understand how later the Safe Coin will be released or something similar.]

My question is - is there a safe place to move them from EOBOT to a secure Wallet with Private Keys because the value is getting to the point a hack would be a big loss for me. I’ve signed up at Omni but didn’t understand how to do it there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Just send them to a standard BTC key pairing, I use bitaddress.org. You can send them there and store offline safely.

When it comes time to send them somewhere you import that bitcoin private key into omni wallet (only the omni protocol will recognise the MAID in there). Then you can send them anywhere from there (include a tiny bit of BTC too as you need it to pay the fees to send the maids on from that address).

You can view the maid in that address in omni explorer to reassure yourself it is there, you can also ‘import address only’ into omni wallet so you can view the coins and their value without needing to store the private key online.

Use 2FA in omni too obviously

Hope that helps


I used Omni wallet to store my Maidsafecoin and I’m also a little concerned about hacking. Should I be? I created a security question and use Google Authenticator in order to give myself as much protection as possible but am I still at risk? Also, When the SAFE Network eventually goes live (great progress from the May 4th report!), how will we be able to exchange our Maidsafecoin for SAFE coin? It’s a 1:1 conversion correct? Any information on this would be great.


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The work to this point has been mostly concentrated on getting the foundations of the network stable, without too much focus on SAFEcoin implantation. So it is all pretty up in the air still, but I’d assume we’ll have to send the MAIDsafecoins to a burn address, along with data on where we want to receive our corresponding SAFEcoins. 1:1 MAID:SAFE exchange has always been the plan.

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I only use www.omniwallet.org to view my MAID holdings. Because MAID is stored in a BTC address I keep my MAID in a cold storage address which I created a while back using Electrum. I only ever go on omni when I actually need to move MAID, but so far it’s only ever been MAID moving into the cold wallet :slight_smile:

AFAIK yes it will be 1:1 conversion from MaidSafeCoin to SafeCoin. As for the details, don’t know yet.


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omniwallet.org allows you to view your balance with only the public address of your BTC address

So as others have said the safest way is to generate a new BTC address, copy and store safely the keys to it and only import the private address into omni wallet.org when you actually want to send the coins. For some reason omniwallet.org only accepts the private key that starts with “5” so make sure you keep a copy of that private key. The site says it accepts more but actually only reliably accepts the one starting with “5”

That is the stated plan and no suggestion otherwise. So you are correct.

Any deviation from that would only occur if somehow they increase the number of safecoins possible and I would expect that MAID holders will be getting 10% of that total.

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Looks like a library like this will convert the private key format for you. I haven’t used it and don’t vouch for it’s security.

Convert Private Key to Bitcoin Wallet Import Format
var cs = require(‘coinstring’)

var privateKeyHex = “1184cd2cdd640ca42cfc3a091c51d549b2f016d454b2774019c2b2d2e08529fd”
var privateKeyHexBuf = new Buffer(privateKeyHex, ‘hex’)
var version = 0x80; //Bitcoin private key

console.log(cs.encode(privateKeyHexBuf, version))
// => 5Hx15HFGyep2CfPxsJKe2fXJsCVn5DEiyoeGGF6JZjGbTRnqfiD

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I just use a regular electrum wallet and when I need to transfer I import the private key of that particular address into omni, do the transaction and remove the address back from the omni wallet.
Obviously there are many other approaches as long you have the private key of the address. I use this one because that’s the one I preferred in the time…


That is very helpful. However, I’m new to this and I don’t want mess my transfer up. I also don’t know how to generate a new BTC address. (Ugh I hate being the new guy who doesn’t know anything)
Can you walk me through exactly where to go and what links to click to follow your instructions in the previous post? That would be amazing if you could.

Also, I received a ‘‘Token Secret’’ from omniwallet.org but I didn’t receive a private key that begins with 5.


Drehb, 4M8B, Mailliam,

You guys offer great advice. I’m certainly going to research everything you guys said.


Take a look at this: http://www.coindesk.com/information/paper-wallet-tutorial/

Perfect! Thanks drehb

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Ok this is exactly what I did. I created a Btc wallet at bitaddress.org. I then tried sending my maidsafecoin (that I have stored on omniwallet.org) to the address I created. I also had to send Bitcoin from my coinbase account to my omniwallet.org account in order to pay for a transaction fee. I sent 10 maidsafecoins as a test trial to the new btc address. And they still haven’t showed up. And I sent them last night.

I also tried to import my private key that was created from the btc address into omniwallet.org but it wouldn’t allow it. The private key also began with a “6” and I couldn’t find one that began with a “5”

The size of the mempool is at an all-time high at the moment: Blockchain.com | Charts - Mempool Size (Bytes)

That’s almost certainly the reason you’re experience a delay.

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Ok I just went to blockchain.info to check my new btc address where I sent the 10 maidsafecoins. It now appears that I have .0000273 btc in the account (which is equal to around 4 cents right?) but I don’t have the full amount of 10 maidsafecoins (which at the moment should be around $2.50 or .00158 btc). It also says “unconfirmed transaction!” and “unable to decode output address”. Oh man now what did I do wrong?!

The MAID coins are data that rides on top of Bitcoin in something called the Omni protocol. To see them, you need to look through something that supports the Omni protocol, like http://omnichest.info
It says unconfirmed because of what MerkleTree said… There is a big backlog on the Bitcoin network.

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Nothing wrong. Do as @drehb says and use something like omnichest.info or https://omniexplorer.info to view the transaction.

Another on the forum mentioned more than 24Hours to confirm the transaction. Can be a couple of days or more if its really bad.

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