Enspiral - lots of insight in a proposal for making more meaningful work, together


This is an interesting series of short articles about living differently.

Some ideas are familiar, others new, all make sense to me.

I think we as a community could learn from these ideas, and some of us will I think have opportunities to apply or adapt them in other areas, such as collaborative projects.

Looking back at the difficulties we’ve had at times with reaching concensus or amicable compromise on various issues, I can see that the proposals here might have lead to more productive outcomes (less time wasted, more things taken foreward for example).

Rich, the author offers some heretical proposals (on inclusiveness for example) but with enough awareness to explain why, and he seems to have tested and developed his approach around the specific aim of making his and others’ work more meaningful and healthy for all. Good aims huh! :slight_smile:

Any thoughts…?

What’s up today?