Enjoying a curry night out... when suddenly


Mid meal they ran out of the old “brand” last night.
Thought the beer was flat! The new “brand” tastes like water. Why would a company do this to themselves.

The old recipe had higher alcohol content, and probably higher levels of quality ingredients.

Shrinkflation? Feels like a profit grab. I suspect they will praise the brand change for higher profits… at least in the very short term.

I’ve had to join the dark side and finish off the meal with a kingfisher. :frowning:

I drink the content, not the branding.

Anyone else noticed this?

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Fingers crossed that it was just a labelling issue and the “new” beer was actually a Cobra Zero.

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Drink Trappist beer: they are not so commercially interested, which I hope/think leads to better quality/consistency:

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Due to recent developments I’ll be on this from now on :grinning:


Good luck with your future adventures, and don’t drink too much of it (but nobody should of course) :wink:
Ps: I heard they were looking for new monks @Westmalle and they had ‘try out’-days recently with a lot of success.


Maybe you’ve heard of another Trappist beer Westvleteren. It was for a time the best rated beer on beeradvocate.com. One of the reasons was because it was difficult to get. Limited supply and you had to phone the Monks, hope you get through and then drive to the Abbey brewery to get a limit of 1 case.
Today in the news: in an effort to make it more fair, they’ll replace the order procedure from phone to
a procedure on https://www.trappistwestvleteren.be/. I’m curious how it works exactly, but the site isn’t reachable atm…

Update on the Cobra situation. This week the curry house owner commented that Cobra is being shunned by his customers and people are moving on to kingfisher.

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The search for original Cobra continues…

Tonight I flew in to London, curry house owner said… “New recipie tastes like salt water”


They at least have Lion Stout.

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