Engineering Economic Security


Edit** Some viewing, for those with gobs of time at their disposal, I believe Ethereum, will utilize SAFE as it’s transport and so it is interesting to consider the ideas presented here.

The first video delves into a discussion on how to build support networks for humans (with contracts) and uses fraternal organisations like the Freemasons as an example of providing mutual aid ie you join these organisations, more for the friendships and support, than the underlying ideology.

The second video reveals the the background of the co-inventor of Ethereum and the ideas/motivations behind it. I find it interesting how the first video discusses fraternal organisations and as the still image shows in the second video, Vitalik is a Freemason himself. That is interesting to me, because of the whispers of ethereum as a Goldman Sachs project.

There can be little doubt that western society is free-masonic to the core and it’s roots possibly stretch right back through aristocracy to the Pharaohs.

Vitalik Buterin on Singularity 1 on 1: Ethereum is a Decentralized Consensus Platform

The case for (re)decentralizing the Internet - Stephan Tual, Ethereum

@chrisfostertv It would be really helpful if you would add some summary or context for these videos as few have time to watch these hour long videos, or read a long pasted piece from Bertrand Russell.