Energy Revolution from France : everybody should know!

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Everybody should know : the energy production/cost problem is solved !!

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I’m so happy that I cried !!!
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Okay, I’m selling my energy ETFs right now…

I love the language:


» At the outermost bounds of the galaxy, on a blue planet in the solar system, a tiny minority has been enslaving and ransoming the vast majority of its fellow creatures for several thousands of years, by means of a one-sided system. This system is based on a cunning exploitaton of the physical, energetic, and psychological strength of men.

« Slavery, serfdom and capitalism were the successive faces of this despoilment built and organised by the feudalism imposed by the propertied. They managed to create and maintain a system whereby they became rich, based on a multiplicity of taxes and compulsory contribuions : toll rates, poll taxes, statute labour, tallages, communal charges, tithes, rents, and so on. The idea was to take money where it could be found, with the poor. For although they didn’t have much there were many of them…

» This sytem lasted for many centuries, changing appearance and name according to the times, but always based on the same principle: the only value worth recognising was that of goods and services that could be subjected to mercantile taxation. Amongst these consumer goods, water, food and above all energy, occupied a predominant position. Organising their distribution and their rarity then became the supreme art for becoming rich, and dependence on fossil fuels the most convenient means for subjecting the masses and preserving a means of control and payment of new feudal taxes. The system worked marvellously. In 2014, 67 individuals enjoyed half of humanity’s riches, out of 7 billion people.

» In a tiny part of France, the Ardeche, the oil feudal systems thought they had found a new Eldorado for fossil fuels with the exploitation of shale gas. However a handful of rebellious natives refused to be dominated by the empire of money. It was then that a revolutionary discovery gave them a lethal weapon that made the very bases of the feudal oil dungeons tremble, and heralded the end of the old regime of the nucleocratic banksters… »

(Introduction to Film « From Casimir effect to Dumas Effect » of Pierre Antoine Courouble)."

Really does look like the real thing. That business about being able to disconnect and immediately pull the sphere from the water and handle it after having just created steam with it speaks to “several physical effects that are largely unknown.” To product steam instantly without having at least part of the apparatus white hot. The 16% surplus is massive too. What was the Watt steam engine? Was it 3% efficient? It was the biggest tech change yet according to economist and it was 3% above nothing, where anything above human or horse effort (almost nothing) was surplus. This is 16% into actual surplus. Its a new world.

We actually have petroleum subsidies- domestic oil company revenge for when their useless profit was cut off over they oil embargo scam. Can almost see them telling us we have to pay a tax equivalent to our gas consumption to support job creator oil companies. There was a time where I Texaco functioned at 100 million gross per year per employee.

is stunning.

Had to bump this again. What do people think of this work from France?

Don’t know in fact. May be too much enthusiasm from me. A friend said me
it’s an hoax, or partially an hoax as the inventor looks not a liar. And
there is a vidéo about it from France3 actualities, which is a national ans
regional french télévision.
For my part I have not sufficient knowledge to sa y more about it. I just
understand that if it’s true, if it works really, it’s a uge thing and
everybody should know it…


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