Ending the Dictatorship of Money

End the dictatorship of money

The primary task of democracy is to limit the power of money. A secondary task is to limit the power of the state, but in a real democracy the state is to a larger degree composed of the people and the concern here is more for people perceived as actual minorities and not the wealthy as the primary task is meant to limit the influence of the wealthy to their individual numerical share of the vote and to the merit of their ideas unprivileged by money. True democracy being a decentralizing force naturally leads to increasing transparency whereas the power of vast sums of concentrated private money led to secrecy and censorship in the service of bribery. Such concentrations also lead to sponsorship or rule by money with sponsored media, sponsored politicians, sponsored regulators, sponsored justices, and sponsored law. Again the primary task of democracy is to limit money. And again concentrated private wealth will attempt to conflate money with speech and freedom.

We can see the need to place limits on money with the cable media system. If we take the average gross global produce per person annum (about 12K) and derive a 24hrs second of attention price and assume passive engagement with media 8hrs a day and assume 4 hrs of focused attention to media per day- then you get our system in the US today where such media might have a cost of $150 a month in for ‘consumed’ media and 2/3 of that is paid by sponsorship- which means sponsorship controls the narrative. Which again reinforces and protects sponsored media as it blinds the population.

We can approach the problem in terms of technology by providing search tech that obviates the need for sponsored media platforms. We can replace sponsored media with search that is a level playing field that doesn’t have the sponsor conflict in it. Keeping in mind the point of sponsored media is not ads but censorship. We can also use law to increase transparency. We can provide tech platforms that push transparency to help democracy or power sharing like Slur. We can begin to forbid forms of government secrecy in law and in culture including executive privilege and national security letters or gag orders or any claim of national security is a reason for concealment. Its important not allow privacy to be conflated with secrecy. Privacy is needed for democracy. Secrecy is how you get rid of democracy, how you attempt to overthrow it. The claims that secrecy was needed for the declaration of Independence or the Manhattan project are hollow. Launch codes are technicalities not secrets you change them. POWs aren’t supposed to keep secrets as that liable to being treated as expendable. There are no expedient justifications, state secrecy in any form is a cancer, not a means of keeping the peace. Trade secrets aren’t secrets, they are merely confidential no matter how much money is involved no court should ever be involved with enforcing them. Again, privacy is another matter.

Under democracy you naturally get a roll back of globalism and a roll back of the erosion of public structures and you get an increase in wages and a decrease in profit. To the extent that we have profit we get more from it. You get a sharing of the power and therefore a sharing of the wealth. This leads to stability. Under sponsored government and supply side rule you get instability to the point of civil war, it’s inevitable unless sponsored control is fairly quickly reversed. Global war to some degree of intensity is a necessary distraction of sponsor or supply side rule.

Ending the dictatorship of money is not optional. Allowing it to continue simply means unrecoverable disaster. The rule of money is not stable, or peace oriented, it is war oriented because it is coercion oriented and it moves us in a ratchet type fashion toward a coercion maximized society instead of a coercion free or coercion minimized society.

Part of the problem is the way people think about money. At one end is money as a means supplying biological needs and the requirements for a reasonably good life. It’s just a means to a benign end. A little further down the spectrum is “money for the sake of money.” But at some point the use of money is for the control of other people and attempts to work them into unconsciousness and mine their lives and futures. The control of others through money is a form of protracted murder.

And it’s used to murder whole societies. It is paranoid and it is fear based but the money fueled lust for power goes beyond a sadism or pleasure in giving pain, because even that can be restricted to willing recipients, but to the glorification of control (aggrandizement of ‘leadership,’) and to the psychological molding of victims through media and indoctrination vice education of the young.

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I totally agree with that statement. I would even go a step further… Within the next 20,30…50 years, humanity needs to get rid of the monetary-based economy all together. Money is 5000 years old, it is an obsolete concept and inefficient way of distribiting ressources, causes too many problem nasty side-effects. Something new is needed.

I love it! I’ve often entertained the thought “there was a time before money and there will be a time after money.” And as you may agree unfortunately there are those who derive their political power from money induced scarcity and seek to foster it wherever possible to protect their own power and are willing to do anything to keep it. This is where in 70 in the US when they realized we had the tech to solve the economic problem and eliminate scarcity they de-linked wages from inflation, got rid of civil rights and labor leaders, ramped up sponsored media (drug companies being able to advertise etc,) rolled back progressive taxation with supply side voodoo, and more recently pulled of crap like both Iraq wars, 911 and austerity. This is also what the attacks on net neutrality and freedom of speech are about the the attempts to conflate speech with censorship. Its what Santa Clara, Buckley, and Citizens were about. This is why instead of a planet full of billionaires living in perfect ecology per Fuller, we have half the world starving. Its a plantation and above all the plantation owners hate democracy which is decentralization.

The first emergence of democracy was very interesting. The Greeks went from on of the nastiest forms of slavery on the slavery spectrum (and you know I think slavery is worse than murder, really protracted murder) where if memory of past reading serves slaves were born in debt and executed for being slow to pay etc. To suddenly having this system of face to face equality where the people said we don’t need law because we are the law. and the process was a constant questioning of any proposed law, which if enacted would be tentative at best. The people were the constitution. And where they still even in their hard to scale face to face democracy ironically had a tax because they felt it was necessary to stir up more face to face interaction with stimulus to keep the peace. Neighbors who interacted were more likely to be friends and support community and less likely to get spooked into baseless hostilities. But of course, a tax is a money based coercion, and not part of the post money realm.