Endangered animal DNA database

Would it be sensible to use maidsafe to store the DNA profiles of endangered species. This wouldn’t be sensible for normal blockchain due to the amount of data, but seems like a great use case for safe.

The decentralised approach would mean this information would be safely stored for future generations.

Interested in community’s thoughts?


Absolutely, especially since we are moving in the direction of RDF/SOLID support.
I’d love to see biologists defining ontologies on the network: https://www.bbc.co.uk/ontologies/wo


related, I wrote this article a few years back that gives a similar idea. More just mapping species, but adding DNA to the wiki-entries would be grand :slight_smile:

My most ideal, ultimate version of this app would use AI recognition to automatically & seamlessly recognize and record current & new species from everyone’s submitted images all around the world, to create an ever-expanding database of species :ocean: :ant:

But let’s get it working on the clearnet at least, first :stuck_out_tongue: lots of hurdles to a vision like this.