End user 'payment' for service rendered

Hello, I’ve been reading through some of the threads here. When an end user will look to use the services of SAFE, will their payment be made in SAFECOIN/Maidsafecoin? If so, wouldn’t this put a limit as to how fast the coin could go in BTC/ USD terms because the value must be low enough so end users could buy them at a fair value so the service is not too expensive…

If, or when :slight_smile: SafeCoin shoots for the moon this and related issues can and will be addressed. More focus will come to this once test SafeCoin is implemented and we are approaching live SafeCoin, but you might find the discussions on ‘divisibility’ interesting if you want to explore this further.


The price will be dynamic, being set by the network based on supply and demand. The price will be in Safecoin, but will auto-adjust to a market level that will be affordable.

If the price rises sharply due to increased demand, people will be incentivised to provide more resources to the network until the price goes down again, so it shouldn’t be a worry.