Enable creating and modifying of FilesContainers within the SAFE Browser environment

Perhaps you could create a branch in your current fork and push a commit there, then create a pull request to safepublishing/rfcs? I never tried that, but maybe it could work…


From the Rust perspective, the most intuitive type might be the std::io::Read trait. It’s implemented by File, Stdin and [u8]. It has a streaming variant too, BufRead. So perhaps two add functions, one accepting Read, the other BufRead?

Then, in JavaScript one function could accept string | Uint8Array | ReadableStream (Node.js’s Buffer is also an Uint8Array by the way). I think it’s quite usual that in JavaScript a variety of types is accepted. Then the right Rust/FFI call could be picked by this function depending on whether a chunk or stream is given.

Thus, I think we should start with generalizing the Rust side and then again generalizing the JS/Node.js API so it becomes idiomatic JavaScript.


@joshuef @bochaco evening, I’m doing some more investigation now, specifically with regards to the files_container_add_from_raw call.

Other files_container_* methods seem to infer the Content-Type HTTP header (in the SAFE network FilesMaps this is stored in the value type.) A .html file will have the type text/html and it’s essentially a 1-to-1 mapping of MIME types for traditional file types.

If you use the files_container_add_from_raw function, it stores the type as type: "Raw", even if the call you make contains a valid file type for it to hint from:

v.files_container_add_from_raw(new Uint8Array([104, 101, 108, 108, 111]), "hnyynyi95mmtqr9pcwnoft9xwo61w3iu7qmhd415yngihakc1ajrgkiq4ebnc/test.html", true, false, false);

   created: "2020-02-13T22:49:40Z"
   link: "safe://hbyyyynow943e9j4iwuspmobswb7dmstbzt1d51cssqfsmiun7zjxzrhc8"
   modified: "2020-02-13T22:49:40Z"
   size: ""
   type: "Raw"

Do you think it’s worth me adding a change to this method in this RFC to allow the setting of the type?

A signature along the lines of:

v.files_container_add_from_raw(buffer, url, force, update_nrs, type, dry_run);

// Example call:
    new Uint8Array([104, 101, 108, 108, 111]), 
    "text/html; charset=utf-8",

It’s also not storing the file size of Raw files in the FilesMap (though it is presenting a valid Content-Length header on download), this is presumably some kind of bug?



Yep, I think an arg for setting the type is what’s needed there :+1:

And size does indeed sound buggy.