Empty official blog post

I’ve run into links to a blog post in a couple places, including a this tutorial.

The issue with it is that the blog post contains no content.

This is the place it’s linked in the tutorial:

In this tutorial we are going to create a public MutableData at a random address. Each piece of data stored on the network has its own unique 256 bits address in the network (you can read more about XOR addresses of the SAFE Network in the MaidSafe’s blog), we will request the API to generate a random address for our new public MutableData:

This is what the blog post looks like:

It seems like an interesting post, and I’d like to read it. Is it available anywhere?


Hi @lukas,

Thanks for highlighting that - I can see the problem. Don’t have an answer as to why that’s like that at the moment… best guess it was a blog post that has been retired but I’ll ask around.
If I can find it again I’ll look to repost.