Empty dirs, hidden dot files

Yesterdays commits to safe-api introduced support for dot files adding to the empty dir capability of the day before.

Here is a wee site to crudely demonstrate these features

I will continue to play around with this , so don’t be shocked if bits are broken when you look at it.
Yesterday I was working on something similar adding to an existing site when I noticed possible anomalies in the way the css was (not) being synced. I will continue to mess with that so you may see the version number rising quite quickly. I will change the background colour as a shorthand to myself to test the css updates.

EDIT: Getting myself in a fankle with NRS and XOR_URLs
latest version is at safe://hnyynyi6si48xqwnbmzgs1ikrwh7wa3qu5qamcm59cryjps9xtsgdztd1abnc/index.html?v=1
for now


Pethaps have an empty folder… and a file called .
and perhaps …

Edit discourse making two dots into three! On a mobile there is advantage not having the index.html for seeing the file listing… atm bug has mobile browser show xorurl and not real filename. So, can’t check what is there. Looks good through :+1:


and how do I do that?

touch . ?
touch .dotfile && mv dotfile . ??

I can’t see mkdir -p . working either

cos I already have a dot dir , and a dot dot dir :slight_smile:

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Would touch ./. work?.. if it can’t exist then less a worry.

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willie@gagarin:~/projects/maidsafe/local_sites/testArea$ touch ./.
willie@gagarin:~/projects/maidsafe/local_sites/testArea$ ls -al
total 40
drwxrwxr-x 8 willie willie 4096 May 23 13:34 .
drwxr-xr-x 23 willie willie 4096 May 23 13:33 …
drwxrwxr-x 5 willie willie 4096 May 23 13:17 assets
drwxrwxr-x 2 willie willie 4096 Apr 8 2017 css
drwxrwxr-x 2 willie willie 4096 May 23 12:16 empty
-rw-rw-r-- 1 willie willie 259 May 23 00:29 .file.html
drwxrwxr-x 2 willie willie 4096 May 23 00:26 .hidden
drwxrwxr-x 2 willie willie 4096 May 23 12:42 img
-rw-rw-r-- 1 willie willie 478 May 23 13:14 index.html
drwxrwxr-x 2 willie willie 4096 May 23 13:17 js

the first line is the directory itself, the second line is the parent

EDIT Hey thats weird - I see what you mean about discourse turning 2 dots into three - look carefully at the cut n pasted dir listing above.
Now look at the screenshot

see the difference?

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and does safe cat list empty directory?

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Good to see dir listed… but those look with file and not empty?

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What am I doing wrong here?

safe://vroom shows a link to an empty directory
safe://vroom/js shows an empty page

remeber the empty dirs feature is simply to allow placeholders

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Am I doing this wrong or do we have a bug here?

Is sync not working correctly or am I not using it in the correct manner? @bochaco @StephenC @davidpbrown @joshuef

note the difference between safe://dotemptytest and safe://hnyynyi6si48xqwnbmzgs1ikrwh7wa3qu5qamcm59cryjps9xtsgdztd1abnc/

note also safe dog gives

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Yes I think its time to file an issue. I am always reluctant to do this in case it is something stupid I did myself but I am pretty sure now that there is a problem that needs looked at.

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but… WorksForMe

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ah…! that’s good… you’re using the updated CLI. I’ll close bug then as it’s the old CLI not able to handle the new.


Yes but there are still issues with sync not syncing - or me misusing it…
I am off to read again about the equivalence between a File Container XORURL and the NRS name that is linked to it. Are they ALWAYS the same?

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I’m assuming you’re on baby Fleming? I think Gabriel already mentioned there are known issues with vaults not syncing 100% properly at all times in baby Fleming. Work on CRDT will solve these issues.


Ah I’d forgotten about that - I will chill then :slight_smile:


I think you just forgot to update your NRS name to latest version of the FilesContainer, which you could have done with --update-nrs when doing safe files sync, but you can still do it now with safe nrs add dotemptytest --link safe://hnyynyi6si48xqwnbmzgs1ikrwh7wa3qu5qamcm59cryjps9xtsgdztd1abnc?v=4

The FilesContainer is up to date with your local copy, just the NRS name is not linking to latest version of the FilesContainer but to version 0 as you can see in your safe dog safe://dotemptytest output.


excellent - thank you