eMAID/USDC liquidity pool live on Uniswap V3

Dear Community,

I am happy to inform you that you may now trade eMAID on Uniswap !
We decided to set up the transaction fees at 0.30%.


Wishing you successful trading and a nice week-end.



Well done and thanks for all your effort in making this happen :slight_smile:


Looks like the first few swaps went through! Nice!


can someone explain to me how to buy emaid in uniswap? I have no idea how it works, if someone would be so kind as to post a short tutorial😅


You can use this guide, it is similar for eMAID:

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Will eMAID be listed on coinmarketcap as well?


I’m all prepped to buy some, but there is a large disparity in price between MAID and eMAID at the moment (or so it seems) … with MAID price being around 16 cents and eMAID at 20 cents.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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I would imagine this is the premium you’re going to have to pay and I personally feel at these prices the premium is only going to increase. People have to cover the transaction costs for setting it up, converting back and forward and spending time going to the process of converting. Aditionally, liquidity providers are at risk of prices drasticly increasing while they’re out of the market with such low liquidity on CEXs. On top of that, omni has a lower value by definition because you’re at risk of not having a market at all and having to perform kyc to get to emaid, which is something our community is pretty much against.


On a related note, I wonder if @maidsafe will be burning their omni-tokens for emaid and then selling here. If they can get a higher price, seems a no-brainer and may help keep the price of emaid down a bit.

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Coincap has uniswap and others built right into their interface.


They don’t have eMAID on there though. Would be cool if they could simply add the uniswap exchange data with Bittrex and HitBTC as an average. Since the total quantity can’t change seems fair and would average the price a little bit higher as well as encourage arbitrage.

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I wonder how many people still have access to trade on Bittrex, I mean the volume has been non-existent for a while. Wont matter how much cheaper they are on Bittrex if nobody can buy them.


Plenty can still buy there, me being but one.
Need incentives do so though, and adding liquidity is not on my incentive list.


Could someone also pls post the contract burn address, so that any user could check before even attempting to buy / sell / add liquididity to any market involving emaid.

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Bancor looks good from a quick look - limit orders and impermanent loss protection insurance.

Do you know the process to add a new asset like eMAID?

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Being one of the 5 board members at bancor, I highly encourage everyone to take a look at v3.0
We worked hard on this new release, paid tons of money on security audits and will be scaling it up slowly from here. We think it may prove to be very disruptive within the deFi industry.

Didn’t want to set up eMAID liquidity on bancor just yet so I won’t be accused of conflict of interests. Besides, Swiss regulators insist the Bprotocol foundation should not create liquidity pool on its own for regulatory reasons. Finally, I wanted to follow the preference of the community for an initial listing on Uniswap as shown in a pool two weeks ago.


Good to have an inside view.

Can anyone start a new pool? If so, I could consider adding some liquidity.


Might be useful to someone, chart for the eMAID / USDC trades on uniswap