eMAID name change to eSAFE?

just a fact to consider, the CDN govt has tarnished the name MAID over here… it sucks…, still though a negative factor the Safe Network should consider in perhaps re-branding eMAID to say eSAFE etc…

as the CDN govt program MAID Medical assistance in Dying is getting some really nasty global coverage in the alt news media (bitchute for example you can find articles on same )

There has already been 2 fake Safe crypto tokens out there. That name would most likely be called a scam now.

Also I doubt the name could be satisfactory changed now. My opinion of course.


I think the plan, if it still stands, was to in secret, register a name and maybe logo for the network token and then reveal/release that publicly to avoid the situation we already had with Safecoin. The ticker SNT is also already taken so a new token name, ticker, and logo will likely be essential.

Perhaps around the time of a payment network? I’m unsure and wondering will MAID/eMAID only be redeemable 1:1 upon storage network or will a stable payment network be opportune and appropriate enough…