eMAID (ERC20 MAID) Beta Test

The conversion to eMAID is moving to Beta! The successful Pilot Test gave the team the opportunity to further refine the conversion process. The team is now inviting up to 10 additional community members to join the Beta Test for the OMNI MAID to ERC20 MAID conversion.

How can you participate in the Beta Test?

  • Send a DM to @sotros25 indicating your interest by 6 AM GMT March 13
  • You will receive info on next steps as well as access to the preliminary FAQ and process-guide which thoroughly outline how the conversion process currently works

The Beta Test constitutes a soft launch as the final step before the full launch. Once the Beta Test is complete, we’ll be able to finalize the remaining details. We’ll then make the official announcement broadly opening up the opportunity to swap to those who wish to participate.

The goal remains to fully launch by end of month, pending Beta Test performance. We’ll keep the community updated on Beta Test progress and any implications for the full launch timing.


Incredible work! Thank you @Sotros25 and all those involved. :pray:


Well done !! such great news !!


Thanks so much! Great job! :racehorse:


With eMAID on Bancor/Uniswap, token holders will be able to earn a passive income by providing liquidity.

Great job @Sotros25 and all involved :clap: :clap: :clap:


Hi EddyJohn,

I dont have experience with that, could you pls explain how that would work on Bancor/Uniswap and are there any risks involved with providing liquidity?



What are the risks on providing liquidity this way?


@andreruigrok and @filipehdbr there is some discussion of this here:



  • Protocol hack (flaw in Bancor/Uniswap that could be exploited through it’s smartcontract setup (in case of Bancor token, bnt could be frozen and pulled back after an hack, NOT your eMAID as far as I know)).
  • Impermanent Loss (fixed in Uniswap V3 by setting your own price range, partially fixed in Bancor (too lazy to explain Bancor setup :roll_eyes:)
  • Clueless consumer pov, I would NEVER sell/trade my MAID for these current exchange prices (but that’s why I’m clueless and delusional :crazy_face:)

Please dior and try to dig as deep as possible before playing with protocols on Ethereum (even your Ethereum wallet might have security issues so dig deep).
@andreruigrok and @filipehdbr


It’s is so incredible to see that MaidSafe has been able to achieve the new erc20 option!
When I was first working on the community effort I could already see the obstacles and was also demotivated that the effort might never be recognized or at least be very hard to implement in secure decentralized manner (including multiple people running severs for validation, cost of operation, long-term management). What you achieved here is a massive achievement, @Sotros25 from what I know has been on this for so long now and think we can really take our hats off for all your efforts and of course all of the names that go unmentioned!

Finally an officially recognized one-way mint that also respects the future claim process of SNT.
For some they might not bother, the great thing is that many do and they now have an option to enter a broad variety of markets and liquidity exposure. I’d see this as a supportive action that will help adoption in a much easier and accessible way.

As @Dimitar mentioned you can add liquidity to future DEX pools and markets, eMAID is now an officially recognized token but from there it can also be bridged to other chains like Binance BEP20 standard.

Amazing job, thank you so much! :love:


Would someone be so kind as to explain to me in the most basic of terms what this all means? (Or link an article / clip).
Ive been watching the project for years, got myself a little bucket or maid, and tried to follow the techie bits where i can, with mixed levels of success. I’ll admit i havent read all the threads, sorry if this is all explained elsewhere.

Do i need to do anything to ensure my current holdings arent superseeded or deemed valueless?



People who wish to convert their Omni MAID to eMAID (the ERC20 version of MAID) can do so. People who do not wish to convert can continue to hold their Omni MAID. When it comes time to redeem MAID for Safe Network Tokens, MaidSafe will recognize both Omni MAID and eMAID. A full announcement will be made when the beta test concludes and the details are finalized.


Thanks very much



Hmmmmm just an list of Dexs that eMAID could be listed on

  • Uniswap
  • Curve Finance
  • Balancer
  • Bancor
  • Loopring
  • Kyberswap
  • Aave
  • 0x Protocol
  • ForkDelta
  • dYdX

:warning: Be extremely cautious in the Ethereum ecosystem before interacting with wallets, contracts or people :warning:

Eerily enough this story contains all 3… This is just one in the thousands… In all honesty I don’t even keep my omniMAID on an exchange or omniwallet org.


wow glad I read that he was a lucky boy not to get his wallet drained


Hacks happen constantly in the Ethereum ecosystem, it helps just to keep them in mind now even more. It even happens on protocols that are actively being used like Opensea.

Nothing new :roll_eyes:


How’s the testing so far? Still aiming to lunch EOM (that’s two days’ time)?


I’d say it’s going good I was one of the testers and I successfully converted some omni maid into eMaid which are now in my Trezor etherium wallet :slight_smile: