eMAID (ERC20 MAID) Beta Test - Part 2

Beta testing for eMAID has gone well, with additional community members successfully converting their Omni MAID to eMAID. To wrap up beta testing, we need ~5 additional community members to complete the conversion process by Wed April 6. The goal of this final round of beta testing is to review functionality of post-conversion confirmation emails and automated KYC approval for small transactions.

How can you participate in Part 2 of the Beta Test?

  • Send a DM to @sotros25 indicating your interest by 6 AM GMT April 3
  • You will receive info on next steps as well as access to the FAQ and process-guide which thoroughly outline how the conversion process works

Beta testing will conclude next week. The official announcement of the full launch of the eMAID conversion opportunity will be made after that.



I’d like to participate in the beta test!
but I can’t find a DM for you, so I leave my message here. Please include me in the beta!



Hi @Dongwon

Click on @Sotros25 's avatar to bring up this window

and click on “Message” :slight_smile:


They are a new member and requires time to move up the trust levels. @Sotros25 can DM them and converse.


Are there any special requirements? Can you transfer MAID from an exchange directly to burn address? Can you use just very little, like 100MAID?


No, because the address from which you burn is connected to the address to which you receive. If everyone burns out of an exchange, the probability of error increases.


Privacy. Security. Freedom


Just to confirm, @Dimitar is right on both points. For security purposes, you need to withdraw MAID from exchanges to your own wallet, then send from your own wallet to the burn address.

The team understands that people may desire to do a test transaction first, so you can burn as little as 100 MAID at one time. However, the fees to mint eMAID are being covered by a very generous community member (I’ll have to check with them to see if they are comfortable with me publicly sharing their identity). Therefore, to keep minting fees low, we ask that people try to limit the number of times they convert. For example, if a person knows they ultimately want to convert 10,000 MAID (and feel they want to do a test transaction), they could complete their conversion in 2 transactions: first with a conversion of 100 MAID followed by a second conversion of the remaining 9,900 MAID.


Oops, I used an exchange address for the beta testing… didn’t want to touch those in the omniwallet… hopefully it will work, small amount anyway. Was it clearly stated and I just didn’t pay attention?


The onboarding platform should specify this. I’ve reached out to the technical team about your transaction, and will DM you when I hear back from them.

Edit: I’ve heard back from the technical team, and will DM you now on next steps.


Thanks so much for all of your help on this @Sotros25.

How much MAID has been successfully converted? Will there be a dashboard with statistics so we will know how much eMAID is in existence at any given time?

"However, the fees to mint eMAID are being covered by a very generous community member "

Also, maybe people could pay their own fees by contributing to you, and then you would forward it to the community member.



Sorry folks, don’t take this personally. I appreciate the undoubtedly major effort that has gone into this, but the KYC requirement is a show stopper for me. Call me old school, but it’s a matter of principles.

Also found it highly ironic the inclusion of this on the sample instructions:


I know it’s just a made up example screen, but it’s still ironic because the actual Ethereum ICO (or pre-sale as it was called back then), did not require any KYC. And if my memory serves me right, neither did the Maidsafe one (I participated in both).

I really hope that when the time comes I can convert my pre-sale MAID into SAFE without jumping through the system-of-control loops that this project was meant to stand up against.


Why is this ethereum maid coin? omni tokens will be burned in the process and be converted to wrapped ones?

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The process guide uses a generic example to illustrate the steps. So far, no other testers found this confusing. However, for additional clarity, the guide will be updated to be specific to the MAID conversion.


I think that’s clear to everyone.

@capivarao yes, omni MAID can be burned and converted to ERC-20 (wrapped) eMAID. It’s totally optional though. You can keep the omni MAID as well. Both (omni) MAID and eMAID can be converted to SAFE at the end, hopefully without KYC.

As to why, I guess because not many CEXs list MAID, so with eMAID there might be more trading and liquidity options (I was personally interested in bridging eMAID to tzMAID on the Tezos blockchain, for low gas/carbon trading on DEXes, but won’t do that now).


Extremely willing to take a part in Beta testing. I know i am too late but if there is still a chance then, please, consider my persona. I already tested one beta project but the biggest advantange of mine is I live in the UK, so afterwards we can pop down to the pub!
Have a lovely sunday everybody!


Could DM @Sotros25 (couldnt find that icon). Probably its the fact I have just create an account and need time to send private messages.


This is because you’re new to the forum. I’ve sent a DM to you on how to proceed with participation in the beta release.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to join this round!! We have enough participants to wrap up testing. :smile:


Fantastic. Thank you so much!


Interesting tx into the burn address directly from the bittrex cold wallet for 150 MAID:



This is this:


I suppose I’ve been the beta tester for those that don’t read the instructions :face_with_hand_over_mouth::man_bowing::man_bowing: