eMAID and Exchanges

This is the 2nd paragraph on the maidsafe.net website:

Intro to MaidSafe

Based in Ayr, Scotland, MaidSafe have drawn talents from many cultures and countries, reflecting the users that we serve. Despite this variety, we all share a mission: a desire to provide security and privacy for everyone on the planet. This has been our unwavering ambition since we started on this journey in 2006, and it remains our driving force today.

If you have an unwavering ambition to provide security and privacy for everyone on the planet, I do not see it as a good practice to offer a solution that gives the personal information , even if voluntary, for token holders (which wlll also be likely to be node operators in the future). Just an observation. Yes you are correct it is still in a testnet phase. I apologize for my lack of research.

If I were a government operative working to thwart a successful launch of this project, I would infiltrate the company with a guise of good intentions, and offer a solution that gathered the personal information of the investors and node operators. I am not saying this is what happened, but this is how it would be done, along with trying to infiltrate the development team.

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It’s a temporary token until the native token is launched. It feels like you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.

I’m not saying you are intentionally trying to FUD, but if you were, it would be a good way to go about it


Or maybe it is because it hasn’t been initiated and announced? :thinking:


I have no reason to spread FUD, I have a lot more MAID at stake than you do.

If your so heavily invested why aren’t you up to speed on whats going on with eMaid?


All of this is, and remains, true.

As others have pointed out, MAID isn’t the thing we have been working on since 2006. It’s merely a (completely optional) proxy token that people can hold if they want to, and have them converted straight into Safe Network Tokens when the Network is complete and launched. They’ll allow you to store data on the Network with all the privacy and security you’d expect. That is what our unwavering ambition is. And that’s the reason we’re not just building another blockchain.

This eMAID project is a community endeavour—not a MaidSafe one—and has been put together to allow people with existing MAID holdings to utilise them on the ERC20 protocol, which some people desire because it is more usable in some regards.

MaidSafe aren’t gathering any private information on people doing this—we have no need nor desire to—quite simply because this is a community instigated project with the conversion performed by Altcoinomy. There are legal requirements for them to fulfil when doing this, which are fully described, and will be readily apparent to anyone involved when the process goes live.

These can be entirely avoided of course by just keeping your MAID on the Omni protocol, which will be convertible to Safe Network Tokens when the Network launches just the same as always.

Until then, if privacy is your primary concern, I’d urge you not to use the blockchain because, as I’m sure you are well aware, it’s not private.

And of course, just to reiterate, you will not need to hold MAID, nor use the blockchain, nor give away any personal information to use the Network when it’s launched: it’s being specifically designed for you to keep control over your personal data.

I wouldn’t give up your day job :laughing:

A far quicker way to sink the project would just be to do something reckless like not being cognisant of the regulatory environment, and avoiding legal obligations.

Sometimes we get criticised for dragging our feet and not doing things that from the outside look so simple (usually relating to crypto) but that in reality would have quite drastic consequences. We’re just not gonna do that.

I’m far happier just taking a bit of flack on the forum here, than putting a hole in the bottom of the ship.


Where is your sense of adventure :rofl:

Yep, cannot disagree. The mitigating factor is that this is for the interim token which is not part of the Safe network (as I am sure you know). I guess in this case it is a community project to allow those trading to have more opportunity and usually will have given KYC anyhow to the exchanges. And in the long run is just for the interim token and not used in the live project since it will be exchanged for SNT which has no such requirements (unless the person trades SNT on an exchange requiring KYC)

As @happybeing said, it is not yet live and an announcement is to come.

Thankfully we can keep omni MAID till the direct exchange to SNT which I plan to do with my small holding.


A friendly reminder that the ERC20 token will open the door to potentially thousands of new people to join us. Very few people currently use OMNI, but millions use ERC20. This is a huge plus that needs to be emphasized.

Privacy. Security. Freedom



Do you foresee a kyc requirement when converting MAID or eMAID to SAFE?

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Im all for the use of a new blockchain, and I understand the regulatory hurdles that the company faces. I am a huge supporter of Maidsafe, and a shareholder of the company and a token holder. My thinking is that while this might have been a great move years ago, it adds a layer of complexity as we approach the finish line. Maybe we aren’t as close as I think, then this move makes more sense, even with the kyc. My main concern is that this compliance requirement will be necessary when converting maid to SAFE tokens.


I want to be clear that the regulatory requirements can change, and we are not in control of that, but as things stand the redemption of SNT should be quite simple, and we don’t foresee a requirement for us to gather private data in order for that to happen. All of that will be laid out in detail in due course.


Great, that is my main concern. Any ideas once SAFE coins are redeemed if there will be any bridges outside of the network? Or is that too far out to foresee?


Who asked them to? They did it because they wanted to. Now they want a parade?

A fairly large section of the community

Some might argue they did it beause they HAD to, seeing the state of the Omni protocol.

And they are due one. I am practising my :postal_horn: as we speak


I still have the original maid tokens in my Omni wallet. Is it still safe to leave the Maid tokens in my Omni wallet or should be converting them to ERC20 tokens.

It’s safe to keep them in Omni wallet. ERC20 transition isn’t available yet, but when available it’ll be optional.


Any update on the offical dex route we are taking?

Steps as mentioned below are already being taken to facilitate DEX listings.

Also, it would be good for as many people as possible to be able to convert their tokens before eMAID is tradable.

Once eMAID is listed, links to verified pools will be shared to better help people avoid any potential scammers.


bump, if that is acceptable on this format

I want to buy some eMAID!!! Who’s got some!!!