Eloo: Privacy enabled smartphones & web services

Just found out about this new project and I really like their goals and vision. Allow everyone to use an Android-based system without Googles spying tools. They don’t start from scratch designing their own hardware yet but base their mobile project on LineageOS. They also attack all the different services and want to work on an OS for PCs as well.

From their website:

Eelo is a non-profit project, in the public interest. We build open-source mobile operating systems and associated web services that respect user’s data privacy. We’re an international core team of experienced entrepreneurs, developers and designers, with a growing community of contributors.
Learn more about how everything started.

Website: https://www.eelo.io

More info:


I think these are the same people who created the Qwant search engine.

I don’t know actually. Do know that GAËL DUVAL is the creator of Mandrake Linux.

Yeah just done a bit of reading round. Different crew.

I like to read their Telegram now and then and this project is really getting shape. In the next few weeks their first ROM is going live:

  • August 2018: /e/ OS beta (MVP) release with several web services (search, app store)

This is the website: