ElonMuskovites and MaidSafe


Many good points, you present a nice well thought out, convincing case - I appreciate this sort of thing. It would be good to see any kind of strong argument against this viewpoint.
Let’s have more of this kind of thing on this forum I say… :smile: , I don’t really know too much about Elon Musk myself, but if I was on the fence, this post would sway me.
I’m currently thinking maybe this guy has been lumped together with other ideas more deserving of the term “whacky” - such as Trans - Humanism for example. (just to be contentious…lol). :smile:


Maybe not completely on topic and not anything new, but I can still get suprised by the money grubbing of Apple: https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/65rnwk/apple_uses_spite_to_force_planned_obsolescence.
Edit: indeed not anything new, I just noticed the video is of september 2015. But I guess still relevant.


What Apple has become now doesn’t detract it’s crucial role in pushing the personal computer to every house.
That was the vision in the 77’s, it is a fact of life today.

What is Apple today? It reached a maturity as an old fart corporation, Apple ended up becoming its own archenemy. Apple became like IBM. That was the email I sent to Steve Jobs before his death: “you are the new IBM”.

But regardless, the contribution of Steve Jobs to make the technological revolution to happen can’t be ignored. Without the marketing genius and the capacity of knowing what the people needed and wanted, Steve Wozniak would have had no freaking idea of what to develop and lost in the rabbit hole of technical beauty without any care about its usability nor it’s interface, like most techies.
Without people like Steve Jobs we would still be using command line, Xerox Parc was ready to ditch the GUI they developed and throw it away… and effectively they just did that.

This is why I am excited about @dirvine and MaidSafe in general, and it was the deal breaker for me to invest in it. They understand the point, technical prowess is useless if it is not appealing to the common users to use it. User friendliness has been at the same level of priority as it’s focus on security and anonymity.
They know that having an intuitive and friendly interface is key for it’s success, and that is why SafeNetwork is destined to be a success.
How many “anonymous” networks are out there? How many are used by the mainstream everyday Joe?
It is practically none, except those who find that they can send emoticons and stickers.

In short: @dirvine is Jobs and Wozniak in one.


I’m on Musk’s side on this one as well. My thoughts are that if you want to get things done, you will have to work within the existing system to some degree. I came across the concept of ‘path dependence’ (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Path_dependence#Economics) today while listening to the latest Freakonomics podcast, which describes this phenomenon. Sure, our urban designs are lacking, but nobody is going to bulldoze a city and start over. Tesla is tackling the problems of pollution created by gas cars head on. Further revolutionary steps such as autonomous driving and decentralized power generation move the existing system more towards what we would now consider to be more ideal.
Regarding SAFE network, it too has been developed within the existing infrastructure to some degree, namely by using the existing ISPs and internet backbone. Perhaps ideally the network would be mesh based, but it is the only sensible choice to get up and running and move things in the right direction by using the existing infrastructure.


SAFE (MAIDSafe by extension) is a flexible but no compromise organization. Incredible mission commitment. Incredible vision
No compromise on tech, interface, documentation or openess. David is willing to consider almost anything- to do that you have to listen well. Also great humility and openmindedness. These are also not mean people but good people trying to make the world better.

To me SAFE is a light bulb kind of thing. I’ve noticed that the people who see a need for it also think the world won’t be anygood with out it, that it has to exist or else! Not only that, they are very impatient for it. How many of us found out about SAFE because we were like “this has to exist” ? Its like the world is incomplete without it. Its a deep challenge so deep that despite all the drive and virtue its still a risk but worth it because even if its not SAFE that does it in the end (hope it is, they deserve it,) this functionality must exist.

Bet on necessity because that is what this is. The consequences of it not existing are unthinkable.


Considering Musk is one of the few people seriously driving green technology I can give him some credit there. But technology like the neural tether or whatever he’s calling it has me worried. I mean it has it’s benefits certainly but we have enough problems with hardware security as it is and now you’re talking about implanting something in your brain that will tie your neural cortex to your computer? That not only opens up hardware concerns but also software and wetware hacking concerns. So while I think some things are awesome like solar cars or improving the efficiency of batteries so we aren’t dependent on fossil fuels other technologies need a more serious look at. We shouldn’t pursue a technology just for it’s own sake but should also consider the implications thereof, if for no other reason than to better improve the technology and address concerns before they happen. Another concern is while you can have a lot of high tech stuff making it all affordable is another question entirely.


Yeah but looking into the future, if humans are going to exist at all then they need to step it up with tools like this, in a world where AI is on the horizon.

All these advances are very scary sometimes though, I agree 100%, but the world is changing so rapidly and it will only speed up.

That’s why we need SAFE, so these advances can happen evenly and SAFEly across the world for everyone at once, because if one group gets too far ahead with AI, Biotech, Mind-tech etc or any one of these it could be disaster for everyone. But if everyone has it evenly, then there’s checks and balances to keep humanity from destroying itself.

tl;dr WE NEED SAFE asap :slight_smile:


A hedge against Borgification.


I don’t really see how SAFE network helps with this. It seems to be more the realm of open research data initiatives. How do you see SAFE incentivizing sharing of such potentially valuable proprietary data?


This all makes me wonder how different this community would be if Maidsafe were funded by government subsidies…


SafeCoin, donation micropayment economy taking over the world. I think much more money can be made in that new economy, where all 7billion people can access with no paywall, and donate what they can / want, than by trying to close things off and only give content to people who pay for it.

ESPECIALLY since its so easy to just copy and distribute today on torrents and tomorrow on SAFE.


SAFE strips away things like trade secrets. I get private data but not proprietary data. I think that ends because its an artificial scarcity construct.


Outstanding opinion piece written as fact there.

Ha, what a joke, afaik his businesses don’t actually make any money, imagine that. But, it’s all for the common good so, OK.

Guess we will take your word for it.

So, whomever loses everything wasn’t doing their thing for profits? Ridiculous assumption.

Another fact there?

Again, your opinion.

Did he really?

Another fact there or is it opinion. The whole picture has never been stated nor sourced, not many have the time, which is understandable. The truth of the matter is no one knows what Elon Musk’s motives are. Does anyone here know him personally? Even if so, that wouldn’t suffice. Only time will tell. Elon Musk’s endgame is my endgame because I don’t see the full picture? Who is this guy, God?

And the comment got 14 likes so far, damned disappointing I’d say.

There are plenty of strong arguments against what @piluso said, it would take this thread off-topic and as @Warren said to me [quote=“Warren, post:36, topic:13320”]
Its your research

From my understanding the OP was questioning David’s motives, nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, no one truly has the answer and again time will tell. One thing about SAFE technology is that by its nature it reveals that David Irvine doesn’t seem to have hidden motives. Whereas Musk on the other hand …


Yes, to them, he is. God (actual God) help us.

This is not at all off topic, to me. I was trying to probe the MaidSafe community’s intellectual maturity, as even though Irvine is the chief architect, you guys will eventually make it what it will be.


But what could his nefarious motives be? Get rich? Take over the world? Run for President? Bring back the USSR? Bring on the alien AI invasion?

I can see something happening with the Semi in September. Its announced with a 2000 mile range (ask about the weight of a fuel tanker) after a good Model 3 launch and its all shock and awe. Stock goes through the roof with valuation higher than Toyota and then the stranded asset petrol industry will start saying the economic cost of too quick a transition to electrification is too high. And then just like with social security or a GAI it will be too high for who? Why the Kochs and the Bushs and Gates… And at that point its going to get out about who can afford it cause its not us or we, no we can’t afford not to- its the self appointed overlords who can’t afford it because it empowers us and that will only accelerate the transition. Far, far from gimicry its cord cutting.

Its like what the divestment groups face. They want to divest stranded asset petrol balance sheets because they are junk set to collapse but keep running up against the same conspiring junta. We’re done bailing out the petrarchy and Musk is the current face of the pin going into that balloon.


Yeah, that is what is super sad about this thread.


Should Musk have a nefarious motive it is to get rich to take over Mars and become president there. For the Martians that would be an alien invasion :wink:


Jeepers. I thought people were generally considered innocent until proven guilty.

I don’t see any damning evidence here, so I’m not surprised that most people look to the positives that they do know about rather than the negatives that we see no real evidence of. If you want us to join in the hating on him then show us why, don’t just wave a finger saying we’re idiots if we don’t automatically detest someone we know a few positive things about. “A fool is just someone who doesn’t know what you didn’t know five minutes ago”.

I disagree with this. Why would a few dozen people here control the fate of tech that could be used by millions or even billions of people? SAFE is totally agnostic and one of the most useful things I can imagine. I think we have a responsibility to do what we can in the early days to help the ecosystem on its way, but I also feel quite optimistic that we will also quickly become completely irrelevant to the long term future of the network.

I have no idea if Musk is a turdball or a saint, but I resent being labelled a fool for not automatically assuming he’s an evil-doer bent on hurting others to help himself. I can think of a fair number of things that impress me about him, I’ve seen one vague and possibly spurious bit of negative information so far. I should think I would be more of a fool for speaking ill of him given I know nothing about him.


Full of yourself much?


I feel very strongly antiMuskovick because his car company is named in an identity theft way. He did not generate this knowledge. the realNikola Tesla knowledge was stolen by the Intel community. The most knowledgable individual of his files is still living, William Lyne. His books reveal the antics of the commonly called deep state. They can be bought, but if you need to save money they are also online free. As a fangirl of realNikola Tesla I was allowed/invited to join the all male club of physicists working out in experiments the key elements missing in the files that they do have. Happily, in my dedication I was able to trip over some good input on the Maxwells’ equations that they could put to use. Back story is all I have just stated. The really pertinent bit is that, even though Musk must be working with the Dynamic Theory of Gravity ether physics as realNT called it, Bill says most nations are, too, at this point, since WWII. Worse, is he thinks Musk is the one intelligent life force on earth who might understand what these chaps have been working on with hydrogen, so he likes him. It was the landing the Falcon spot-on that did it for him.
I wanted to share that with the pros and cons’ies here at the MaidSafeForum. Hope it added something of value.