Elon Musk: "AI Dev is Summoning the Demon"


I don’t know the book he references in his MIT speech but I love how he contextualizes it. If consciousness is basic, then we might be nothing more than a bottle uncork-er. We might be unleashing the genie. Hilarious has us potentially being seen as a mere “biological boot loader.” Maybe we will be seen as mud or sediment. Great, great PR for the industry at the least and speech got him an ovation. But I do think some people have seen some stuff that genuinely spooked them. Note the Oxford institute guy who cites among the possibilities mass unemployment. That’s always been the basis for suppression as the useless type of elite recognizes that masses who don’t have to work or face necessity will not allow elite power and hence their race for dictatorship and the whole basis of the Republican agenda since the early 70s. Hopefully crypto progress continues and is able to fully expose their agenda.


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Seems to me that if you can created DAO’s that are distributed, encrypted and nearly impossible to kill, that could be a problem, either if they where malicious, or their unintended consequences are too damaging…


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Is “Person of Interest” good TV! What is Hollywood trying to tell us?