Eliminating Future profit in the Petrol Industry Starting Now

"and a study last week by researchers from Cambridge University concluded that photovoltaics will soon be able to out-compete fossil fuels, even if oil prices drop to as low as $10 a barrel… “Conservatives support solar — they support it even more than progressives do,” said Bryan Miller, co-chairman of the Alliance for Solar Choice and a vice president of public policy for Sunrun, a California solar provider. “It’s about competition in its most basic form. The idea that you should be forced to buy power from a state-sponsored monopoly and not have an option is about the least conservative thing you can imagine.”

Now there are two dumb states including Wisconsin and Arizon that are doing ALEC type stuff to simply try to charge rent on behalf of big petrol to rate payers who use solar and citing idiotic fairness claims to do so. They say minorities can’t afford solar and therefore must bear the cost of cord cutters- ah no investors must be made to bear the cost of cord cutters and future utility capex can be funded out of current budgets and not bonds.

I can see some concrete steps in a counter strategy. 1. Go after the PUC shills with the criminal law for graft and bribery and take anything you can turn up on these money first fools and make a huge PR fuss every time you get one locked up and correctly attribute it in the press to their criminal graft. 2. Get the battery back up in your homes and truly cut the cord. 3. Work on efforts to simply not pay the rate increase. Don’t let them auto debit, pay the portion of the bill minus the pork, fight the credit hit and then get together and fight it in court. This 3rd possibility would seem dangerous because they might be able to construe it as something like tax evasion and a direct attack on state power so it could really backfire but that would be harder if it were a for-profit utility. 4. Work to convert your utilities to non profits and get rid of all the associated private investment in them, fund them out of the tax base, don’t use bonds (as above) and push solar as a means to cancel new utility projects. 5. Its hard to imagine that we will be fully rid anytime soon of carbon energy but it should be relegated to an emergency back up- and that’s the way it needs to be talking pointed in the dysfunctional sponsored media, but that won’t happen so develop powerful non sponsored ways to get the meme shift out.

I always find these phony projections for Solar and phony petrol estimates of solar’s current market share hilarious. This fakery is even carried out at the federal level by the DOE. I can tell by my own state that solar is beginning to kick petrol’s a@#$#@. If we can prevent its profits we can kill its support and then drown it. Even a couple years of no profit or declining profit would likely cause an implosion. And we need to learn to accept and welcome that kind of economic growth, because that is what it is, its growth to the actual meaningful bottom line. It could also be another step toward getting rid of Wall St. Remember Exxon is the loser not Tesla. Tesla is a winner.

The efforts by the petrol industry to raise the cost of solar are criminal no matter what (and the legal community needs to pushed to start to formalize this as criminality,) and we it should be leading to sentences and convictions. We have to stop this because this is basically economic vandalism of the highest order and where its allow it destroying the public interest.

Every new solar panel acts like excess capacity for the petrol industry. It will make short work of their peak oil fraud. Its lost customers that are rewarded for cutting the cord. As each person saves money by cord cutting this will grow exponentially. The petrol people like to talk about this as if it were small and they like to try to make fun of Germany and solar. But as rhetoric its pathetic. Germany has gone a long way toward cutting the cord and that adds to its economic strength and credibility. If we cut the cord on the US petrol addiction or even CA’s petrol addiction the industry would be in a total panic, it would dive into permanent red because it can’t coordinate its production scale back. This is one nice thing about Obama’s competitive (even with oil subsidies) let all energy providers enter the market strategy because petrol can’t survive that. Even if its helped as we wean off foreign oil it still can’t survive where this goes.


Going from 105 MWp in 1992 to 178391 MWp in 2014. That’s almost 1700 times as much.

Only the blind don’t see this one coming.

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We have to be honest with ourselves. We want to want to kill off the natural gas industry as quickly as possible not simply because natural gas methane emissions make it worse for climate and survival than coal citing one leak as the equivalent of 37 coal fired plants but because we want the dynasties that rely on forms of energy with broken ownership models to lose their money and power. We want vengence/revenge for total bs like Enron- 911-Iraq for the theft, distraction and insult it represents. For the useless secrecy of the energy policy meetings and all the damage that was done to our democracy with nonsense like the USA Patriot act, the recent NDAA riders and PRISM.

To do that we need to make the natural gas industry into an economic loser. They have to be made to start to absorb losses that deny them any future propect of profit and we need law and culture that eliminates any recoup in the future. CAPEX program funda need to be redirected to solar, especially roof top and batteries. Bond holders need to take losses even if it was billed as clean power, these were Enron chasers. The reason for the losses needs to be clear to the public and serve as a severe warning.

We wont dismantle the power plant infrastructure (its a back up) but fracking can be halted and maybe even reversed. This industry can be made to pay for the damage its done. The idemnifications were obviously a miscarriage of justice and politics, these guys get the cost of trying to profiteer on unlawful mamdates. We can work on killing off the oil industry at the same time and for the same reasons. And we can get rid of all for-profit utilities. Profit never made sense because they don’t compete so the profit is pure parasite and conflict of interest. Even with superconducting power lines there is line loss, they dont compete.