Eli the Computer Guy Screwed by YouTube over a video uploaded 2.5 years ago

The woes of centralized management

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Hah, I like that guy.

I listen to some podcasts off Soundcloud and I frequently download them.
Swearing and non-politically correct speech are definitively not censored, I can attest to that.

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This is not bad news, Eli the computer Guy just needs to know that the SAFE Network is coming.

Or he can try alexandria.media for now


Eli The Computer Guy, is back! -"How To Beat YouTube Community Strike Appeal Rejection "

And another strike…hmmm

Unbelievable :rage:
It will be so great when people can depend on their own (SAFE Network) infrastructure to deliver content. This just gave me an instant migraine :rage:

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I think hat was the guy in the latest video - he needs to smoke a joint before recording those. He was too freaking jumpy, I got seasick by watching him.

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