Efficient notification for SD changes? (e.g. pub/sub)

Are there any ideas out there for how this could be implemented, other than polling?

No. And since there’s no time stamp then I can’t see a better way than checking the file’s CRC. But since my knowledge of the machinery is only as a user then there might be some other way.

Without future additions to the network (datachains?) you would have to create a front-end to the data that users would use to access it, and that would do such push notification to the admin.

This would come under the messaging RFC so take a look at that and if its not there, maybe ask if it can be included.

This can be achieved by registering presence and vaults forwarding notifications (that you pull form). It’s possible in many ways, so we will need to choose the most efficient mechanism that is also not a network burden.

This will probably require deterministic caching (similar to expanded groups) though to allow many millions of push notifications to popular data (think twitter followers etc.) .


Though rather old, more info here: Hugs and love - #2 by dirvine


Nice! It’s great it’s been looked into. I was asking exactly because, though it can be done, it can become a huge burden on the network, if abused. Or, just used.

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