EFF’s Game Plan for Ending Global Mass Surveillance

Maidsafe will help with #2 and #3 tremendously

The tl;dr; game plan:

  1. Pressure technology companies to harden their systems against NSA surveillance
  2. Create a global movement that encourages user-side encryption
  3. Encourage the creation of secure communication tools that are easier to use
  4. Reform Executive Order 12333
  5. Develop guiding legal principles around surveillance and privacy with the help of scholars and legal experts worldwide
  6. Cultivate partners worldwide who can champion surveillance reform on the local level, and offer them support and promotion
  7. Stop NSA overreach through impact litigation and new U.S. laws
  8. Bring transparency to surveillance laws and practices

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MaidSafe could permanently solve all of them, right?


I believe you are implying some sort of collapse of government caused by people’s ability to retain their privacy of data and communication.

Throughout time, people have had significant privacy in their movements and communications, yet there were still governments. Governments are necessary and helpful, when they’re not overreaching.

They will still, however, attempt to overreach, even if your private communications and data are private from them. They’ll still log your vehicle movements, cell phone movements, etc. Stopping these sorts of overreach will take more than maidsafe, and that’s OK. Insuring privacy of data and communications is a huge piece of the puzzle.

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In the US surveilance is more than over reach its a symptom. Look at what they wanted to do to Assange. Many in government and those behind them think in terms of empire. Its not a government of the people. It needs to become one. It is transparency and delegitimizing and refusing to accept any privelige or attempt at secrecy that will turn it from a path of increasing opression. No more terror to justify terror spending.

Its truely open government. Its no utopia but they certainly dont want it. The excuses they always make are very telling. They knew supposedly knew about the 911 people in advance and about the Parris people in advance but did nothing or stopped those who tried to do something. Open software is a counter example that can apply. We dont hide anything. You can see us coming. You can even predict us. But you cant stop us. This isn’t Gurilla vs stand up and get shot. Its good ideas that out in the open cant be stopped. Deception and feigning are a waste of time. Highly secretive proprietary sofrware has had to come around. Open good ideas, trust and truthfulness inspire like nothing else.


+1 for this, that sounds awesome


You are +1-ing yourself. I was just clarifying what you seemed to be saying. I do not share the belief that privacy==government collapse, nor would I desire that to happen.

I just want my privacy back. I don’t want to be loading ammunition in my bunker to defend myself from the local warlord. Nor do I want to become the local warlord. Sounds exhausting.

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I humbly suggest you study the Austrian-school of economics. Sure there may be mafia without a State (depends on your culture), but those kind of thugs will work to protect business - they actually DO provide protection to their communities. Insurance companies as well can radically change the security for people on every level. Currently however the State has a monopoly and can drive it’s competition out of business via either violence or by undercutting with money that they didn’t earn. They have undercut radically the past century - destroying thousands of charities and insurance companies, hence destroying competition.


I just feel that a healthy, well-informed person with access to what they need can (& most likely will) govern themselves responsibly.

Maybe it’s just our job to help MaidSafe allow for more & more of these people to exist throughout the globe

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Its not data privacy tech in itself so much that proposes to revolution the nature of state power and make it much more accountable to the people its supposed to be serving (instead of rich parasites) rather its using this tech to render organizations completely transparent and getting rid of organizational secrecy that makes the difference.

Remember on the one side is:

open-ness, transparency, privacy, trust based systems on the other side in a slipper slope fashion is sponsorship-censorship-graft-bribery-spying-secrecy-torture, loss of habeus corpus- terror- disappearing

We either move toward one side or the other. On the sponsorship or money as speech rule by money side
we have welfare for the rich and the goal of allowing the rich to tax, live off an control the poor. We have gateways and toll roads to support these corporate welfare barons. And we have fake little controlled lives for everyone else because anything else would be a threat to the inequity status quo. We end up with toll roads like oil. We end up with useless communication firms that could be replaced by infrastructure bribing politicians (buying them) to protect their ability to charge us for censoring us and avoiding dumb pipe structures and waging war on our speech protections and rights. Literally using our money against us to preserve monopolies that are in the way of progress.