Edward Snowden Speaks at New Hampshire Liberty Forum

Amazing video. Everybody will learn few things from brilliant mind. I want to share around.


Look, you can see @frabrunelle at the 27 second mark! I was sitting right next to him. :slight_smile:

Such an awesome experience.


If he comes out and supports SAFE (acknowledging that it’s unstoppable and offers privacy for the first time in this worlds history) it’s at that point I will believe the Snowden story.

The Snowden revelations were basically real world affirmations of the TV series ‘Person of interest’ …that’s how these things are broken gently to the public I think.

I really hope Snowden is a good guy…it would be awesome for this project, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him ‘stand trial’ before that eventuates.

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I know he is a supporter of zero-knowledge systems for privacy so companies can not be compelled to cough up data…that would be one of the many great things that SAFE checks the box for!

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