Easy way to remove 'tax breaks for the rich nonsense' from public discourse

The easy method is to bring up the truth every time the absolute lie of tax breaks for the rich is brought up.

Very simple logic: Its not your money, its our money!

We need tax breaks for the rich the ‘job creators’ (job suppressors)

Its not your money its our money so you aren’t going to get any break on keeping our money. You’re going to give it back through much higher wages and compensation or have distribution fixed through much greater levels of taxation or redistribution in the form of much much higher tax rates and automatic minimums without broken loop holes, the same for corporations. Either way you are going to return the money you took from us over the last four decades with interest.

In 70 in the US 75% of revenue went to labor. Right now many US sources try to claim roughly 50% goes to labor and this despite massive productivity increases. But I recently saw a DOL summary of data from the most recent Census showing only 34% going to labor.

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I usually just bring up the fact that the person speaking is, relatively, the rich that would be taxed. Taxes are robbery, no matter who the other is that you think you are going to tax, it is going to end up taxing you.

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I don’t see it it that way. In a capitalist system taxes when high enough are a way of keeping the economic gain of the rich and therefore their unnecessary power in line with their actual contribution which will be negative or minimal. Its a check on the real theft, and they can be dissuasuve of theft as in the case of proper loopholes where the rich are allowed to keep name association with the income (or even assets) as long as they do reasonable things with it. If they do unreasonnable things the distribution is corrected with tax forfeiture and the criminal law.

The best way to limit taxes is to have a very higly compensated middle class that includes almost everyone, then there is no need to correct distribution with redistribution. But what generally gets us to that place is high on paper taxes on the rich that the rich are made to respect.