Earth is flat

Lol. (Charcters)



You: hey guys, here’s a video with sound science
Also you: posts a video about flat earth
Everyone: you think flat earth is good science?
You: who said anything about flat earth

Can’t make this stuff up.

Too funny.

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Com’on guys! Everyone knows the Earth is a CUBE!!! Don’t get sucked into these crazy flat or round Earth theories.

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Actually, you are making it up, because what you say here never happened. Some of you here have a desperate need to control and stifle the debate and discussion, and are using all sorts of subterfuge methods to achieve your goal. The question is why are you determined to sway the narrative to suit yours? Exposure that you are ignorant or dishonest?

You are clearly being intellectually dishonest by implying something that is not true, and presenting my post out of context. Why don’t you try being objective and not act on your ego. Life becomes less of a headache using such an approach. Get over it, you don’t have to watch the video or conjure up illusions just to ridicule me for sharing information. I am what I am, and it is what it is. #MommasCooking

The 5 hr video contains very little reference to flat earth, and that is because the producer has provided visual footage of medieval and ancient architecture and engineering of Cathedrals, churches, palaces, castles, water canals, so called Star forts etc from all the continents, and details how they form a GLOBAL electromagnetic energy and healing grid and field that was destroyed by what may be a natural disaster or Directed energy weapon as recently as 1850s.

The reason I presume it does not reference much about Flat Earth is because the documentary is not yet completed. It is a work in progress as I write this. So the first parts are only building towards the finale which is a mystery to all that has watched the documentary. He reveals a lot of things that has blown the audience’s mind because this is advanced technology hidden in plain sight by the higher ranks of the Freemason secret society. As an avid researcher, I am privy to a lot of occult information and knowledge, but even I was mesmerized by how the filmmaker integrated all the pieces together and how it reveals this beautiful global technology and science.

Did you know that these medieval mosques, churches and cathedrals were not temples for religious worshiping, but very advanced healing centers for the communities, towns and cities they were built. The technology is rooted sound frequency technology, by using the church bells, gigantic organs, sacred geometry designs, and cymatics to affect the environment and water that was built into the architecture, and harnessed atmospheric energy from the antennas found on the steeples of the DOME roofs. The designs were deliberate to achieve a certain scientific outcome. The claim about the designs just being based on aesthetics is a ruse hide this fact hidden in plain sight. It goes deeper and reveals a lot more, and I am not going to spend more time explaining it. It is 5 hrs of hard work that is worth every single minute of it. If you are disappointed after watching it, I give anyone permission to call me a fool for sharing the video.

The revelations connected to the so called Flat Earth theory TERRIFIES the powers that be, because it clarifies the big picture of how they destroyed an amazing tech (just like they went into Libya and destroyed the amazing and gigantic irrigation systems that turned the dessert green, a monumental feat of engineering technology that took over a decade if memory serves me correctly, and costing a few billions that Gadaffi had built during his presidency. You never hear about it on the MSM, but you can search Youtube for the footage of it. Ask yourself why would France and the NATO alliance go in and bomb the infrastructure that was re-irrigating the landscape and vegetation and would give access to clean water and allow to produce food to feed millions of innocent people that the opposition will call citizens? These are same institutions responsible for pushing the global lock down and vaccination agenda that has devastated the global economy and killing people everyday, and I say this unapologetically. Do you really believe they are taking such actions because they care about we the masses? Why are we pretending this is not happening when we should be up in arms to defend our rights to self preservation?) , are using the tech for their own benefit to this day, and it exposes them that they have created a false economy based on mediocre technology that harms the global ecosystem and it’s inhabitants.

This goes beyond the Tesla narrative, and he implies that Tesla was a shill to hide the enormity of this crime against humanity. You have to watch it for yourself, or read the comments on the YouTube page to gauge the reactions and reviews of the audience.

My ego? You are the one who refuses to consider that perhaps you communicated something you didn’t intend to, and instead gaslight literally everyone else who read your post.

That’s fine, I didn’t watch it, so no need to defend your post, I had no opinion on it (until you posted this time). I was very simply just making a joke.

Yeah that’s BS right there though. People who blame and go after many groups including the masons are in reality “followers” of haters not researchers. Real researchers, like myself, actually join groups to find out the truth themselves. They don’t cower in the back and throw rocks out of fear.

Not only do I NOT believe that … I’m fairly sure you don’t have any evidence for that either. Evidence would be double blind studies showing that people who used these “facilities” were cured of anything and also that they didn’t suffer from something new in the process.

I have technology that allows me to build cities in the sky too … I’ll sell it to you for a 0.1BTC… Do we have a deal?

Evidence evidence? I want to see their terror! Did they use some sort of fear meter here? Or was this based on AI facial analysis?

This is all too much for me, brother, too much … You win … I thought my little “cubed” earth troll was funny, but you’ve trolled me well beyond anything I can do … Hats off to you man. I’ll put you on my ignore list and we can get back on with our lives.

Lmao… like I said before, you guys are too easy. You just can’t help being pathetic.How do you get to gaslight, agitate, provoke, hate or ridicule others just for sharing information, opinion, belief, theory, etc. We have all the evidence we need to expose, arrest, try and execute the criminal elites, and we don’t need your approval, nor care about the likes of your type, because we know you are the guilty who are complicit in their crimes and are acting, pretending and playing the fools you are. The days of subterfuge, cheating and tricknology are over, and this is why they are pushing kill shot agenda and bringing in the life saving Great Reset to render us complete slaves. The devil always betrays his minions, because they are dumber that they realize. I will beg all of you who support the vax, to please take the shot and show proof that you really did take it. The world will be a better place without you evil overseers, and make way for life and freedom lovers to defend their rights against the global tyranny.

It’s got to be the false belief of superiority or playing out your role as gatekeepers. You were genetically designed this way. The name must also rub you up the wrong way “How dare him? Who does he think he is?” The hatred and arrogance just oozes out of every orifice. Don’t worry, the last few days has clearly revealed what Maidsafe is really about. This project is not about helping humanity, but one of selling false hope, flushing out the brains of the world, and wasting good folks time. You are a bunch of sociopaths and your likes never genuinely have good intentions for humanity. You can pretend all you want, but some of us see through your bs. Thank you Elsiedee for exposing them, else I would have continued wasting my time by a few more months because my deadline for launch was for October. It’s clearly never going to happen. What a damn shame and disgusting act.

John McAfee was the real deal, and that’s why they went after him, made his life hell, and now he’s been suicided. I still hope he faked his death, but I doubt it very much. They even went as far as to level the condominium building he kept the hard drives at, killing so many innocent people, just like the 9/11 terrorist atrocities. So the question is, why is David still safe and breathing if he is developing a technology that would radicalize the IT industry and civilization as a whole? Is that because the tech does not threaten them or has he been co-opted by 007. One thing we do know is that there is no way the SS would not be monitoring the progress, or not be involved with it. It’s just impossible for them not to take control of it.

Just like you, they cannot help it. You all have a need to abuse, bully and coerce every and anyone who questions your behavior and ulterior motives. I never knew these forums were so toxic until I addressed Elsiedee’s post a week ago, and it’s been attack after attack, agitation and attempts of ridicule followed by slander. However, I have it in good stead that this has been going on for years, many of fallen victim of abusive behavior on here. Well, I definitely do not need this BS, so I will kindly bow out and crawl back under the rock I came from and continue with the rest of whatever life I have left before the full scale global civil war.

So the pathetic moderators don’t have to worry about me, as I have seen and experienced enough negativity from pretenders and scam artists to continue posting and participating in these forums. I was very hopeful for the Maidsafe network, and stayed in the background for over 7 years, but I have now become pessimistic for the first time. So sad how the sociopaths have got us locked down in so many different aspects.

I guess the inventor of the antivirus tech was just another conspiracy nutter also and pushing propaganda. Are you as authentic as the deceased tech genius @dirvine? We will definitely know before end of this year.

That’s how I get to gaslighting. Everyone’s fault but your own miscommunication.

Your post sounds like BS to me, but there was one thing that might cause me to consider some of what you’re saying. Do you have any proof that Macafee was keeping things in that building that collapsed in Florida? Up to now I have not paid much attention to anything Macafee said.

That building collapse seemed entirely consistent with negligence, and Macafee seems like just a fraudster, but if you can prove Macafee was keeping things in that building then maybe its worth another look.

-edit 2-
I don’t know the name for it, there must be one, but an apparently common propaganda technique is to pretend to adopt the viewpoint you’re seeking to discredit, and then when people are drawn in, proceed to spin obviously fantastic and false narratives, to discredit said viewpoint.

My guess is that’s what @Wabuntu is doing with what I would call the great reject viewpoint, which is, that the “pandemic” was cooked up to usher in the great reset, which is a totally straight ahead fascist power grab.

In short, he is slandering the great reject narrative with his talk of flat earth and sound healing ancient buildings (probably built by aliens, right?).

Have I got that right, @Wabuntu ?

Why do I find all the flat-earth, commies, anarchists, anti-vaxxers, all in the same thread? It is like you all belong together, “we who are unlucky when we think”. :rofl:

@Wabuntu, Please review the forum guidelines It is easy to become pessimistic about many contemporary issues/problems in the world. However, venting your hostility towards other forum members and the hardworking MS staff is inappropriate.
I encourage everyone to keep the discourse civil.


So you think McAfee is a fraud even though you have never paid any attention to him, right? Very interesting.

So let me ask you a question. Being someone who has spent a great deal of time on these forums interacting with the “Who is Who” elite, and I presume by now know the controllers much more in-depth than McAfee, do you think they are a fraud like you think McAfee is?

I honestly don’t know, but as long as there is hope of civilized discourse here I will hang in there.

Lmao…so now you don’t know? Incredible and pathetic!!!. Told you that you are easily exposed. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Its nothing new or hidden, but its irrelevant. The relevant issue is the great reset/reject. Have you forgotten? Or maybe your aim is to squash debate on that subject.