Earth is flat

Who trained you? They have not done a good job of it, cause you can be spotted from Mars on the darkest of nights. Oh shit it’s the bumbling NAZIonist, here he comes again!!! So some low vibrating entity who is slandering others of being divisive is trying to pigeon hole his victims into being a leftist or rightist and in some religious cult. I have never understood how westerners like you came to label and limit everybody into left and right paradigms, when you can have it all. Will somebody please explain what being left or right means? Most indigenous people being primitive and so called inferior don’t understand these concepts. We only understand the state of freedom or slavery. And freedom is living in the ancient state of Ubuntu/Ma’at. So essentially our ancestors the original inhabitants of this plane taught us to live in Ubuntu, and so it was until a demonic virus invaded the minds and realm of our beautiful mother Earth, Gaia, Sophia, Oshun.

Besides I am dyslexic and cannot tell my left from my right on a good day…lol. And that’s thanks to the 7 vaccines that were forced into me within the first 7 days of being born in a London hospital. To couple that, I just learned recently that I may be ADHD from doing an online test. Vaccines are a hell of a lifetime trip…damn!!!

Yet, after all I have endured from being injected without my consent, I am still being coerced and forced in my age of semi-retirement by a bunch of sociopathic strangers to take something that is worse than a vaccine, because the Covid shot is a gene modifier. Bill Gates ain’t my Zaddy. My own daddy did enough damage already from his investments in religious dogma and colonial falsehoods, so why would I be looking forward to another narcissist. This socially awkward sociopath had the audacity to say he is going to block my sun for whatever bullshit reason he’s got planned. How have entities like him got away with such actions for decades, when I would be thrown into an asylum at just the thought of blocking everybody’s sun. Clearly, fiat papers in the right hands can move mountains, send you to Mars, buy stolen body organs and have everybody on the planet walking around with surgical masks looking like the dumb slaves they really are literally.

You struggling to figure out who and what I am? That’s rhetorical by the way because your handlers know who I am, and try to monitor and keep track of my private life and thoughts. No more secrets, I put it out in the public for truth is our best defense and protection from you deceivers and manipulators.

So who am I? I am allergic to bullshit. I am Ubuntu. I am consciousness having a human experience. I am God-man who is only limited by ignorance and access to resources within this 3D matrix simulation. And for you specifically, I am quicksand, you can’t move left or right…cause when you get caught up inside me, the harder you struggle to get out, the quicker you sink into my deepest bowels and return to the dust you came from. Quicksilver over gold every time. Like I told you, I like to KISS (keep it simple stupid), I am your nobody who is loyal to common sense, the natural state of the prime creator. I don’t have a God complex like you, cause I represent the most high who works through me. So you do not impress me with your virtue signaling bullshit about you developing a tech for all continents, when you are double speaking and thinking left and right out of all your orifices. You are an epitome of the saying that “when you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, you baffle them with bullshit”. You are not special or exceptional…you ain’t daisy at all. You have no more natural rights than others as you and the pedophile elites like to lie to yourselves. Nobody is above natural law, but tyrants pretending to be so.

I would be the happiest man if only you could experience compassion, learn and agree to stop forcing your will on to others, we are not your property. But you think otherwise because you are arrogant and are only driven by materialism coupled with the tyrannical ego. You worship the mediocre end within the spectrum of science and technology, rather than recognize it’s holistic and divine nature and also as a means to an end.

Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding of her arts and science. - Proverbs Ch.3 Verse 13.

You know what they say about opinions right? We all got one and this is just mine which I will be always entitled to until the Covid shot takes my last breath, if ever. GTFOH. #Tyler #MommasCooking

Now here is some authentic and advanced science and technology that the so called primitive and inferior ancients embodied in their lives and civilizations. There is plenty more where that came from. Just ask pretty nicely and I will be happy to help educate you about the truth, and get you out of shit pool of falsehoods. Strap on your seat belt and say goodbye to your illusionary, egotistical and immature mind space you are so arrogantly proud of. Cat’s out the bag, your lies just don’t cut it anymore.


So you are…God-man? Quicksand? Oh please.

I guess there are just too many ways to take the lead on a discussion and then drive it into a ditch.

I can’t get enlightenment from a God-man any more than I can from a Hammer Lord.



on this we can agree if nothing else :slight_smile:

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Thotts n’ prayers, baby, thotts n’ prayers

Mostly the thotts are " Oh Mammy, make him run out of breath " and the prayers (which are not things I do generally) are mostly " God let this man get either medical intervention soon or sufficient quantities of recreational pharmaceuticals to shut him up for a while"

Me too baby – 20.04 LTS, and you?

Wow, you changed your tune faster than I could recognize you. That response was not directed at you, so why would it rub you up the wrong way?

I’m so glad!
:cat: :star: :flying_saucer:

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You’ve said some wise things, but if you really think you are a God-man or Quicksand or if you believe the earth is flat then please leave it out of discussions about covid vaccines and the great reset.

@Sascha Please show me where in my post that I mentioned anything about Flat Earth? I share the video because it is the only documentary I KNOW that is available that contains the information that I wanted to use to expose these deceivers. Wow, just wow. I gave you the benefit of the doubt when I read Elsie’s rebuttals, but your action just confirmed her claims.

This is blatant censorship, because like the Covid topic, this has been moved from the front page so good folks don’t see it. The wording of the title of the new topic is obviously done in the hope to ridicule and portray it in a negative light. That’s pathetic and I am extremely disappointed. Kudos to a job well done.

Why else would you take such an action, and most importantly, why would David encourage this regardless of him distancing and avoiding taking responsibility for the moderators actions. Typical corporate culture? Please…please…please do not say it is off topic, because it exposes how we have been lied to and puts the whole Covid debacle into perspective of it being a false flag and genocidal agenda. But you all know that already don’t you?

So I don’t have the right to think and say what I am? So you tell me what I am and what I can say and not say, since you have now made yourself an authority over me. Everything is connected, when you see the big picture.

So you joined in the attacks also. You guys are really easy. Why do I get the feeling you are taking this personal?

So you went crying to your GAGA friends to rescue you…Lmao. You just got a taste of #MommasCooking

I am not an authority over you or anyone else except me. You can believe and say whatever you want.

I’m just telling you that if you want me to believe that you’re on the level, on the up and up, on the square, then don’t seriously say

  • you’re a God-man

  • you’re quicksand

  • the earth is flat

So Maidsafe is following in the footsteps of the Big Tech companies, because I have just been covertly put in Maidsafe jail… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Firstly, you are a liar. When did I ever say the earth was flat? You are not even reading my posts, and that is the reason why you misconstrued my comments the other day. You did not even make the effort to correct yourself, let alone apologize, but it all makes sense now. You truly feel the same way as them. You are pretending to be something you are not.

I also don’t care whether you believe me or not. I am only sharing my info and my opinions, and expect you to use your mind space to arrive at whatever conclusion you so desire. It’s called freedom and being responsible for your own thoughts. Are you afraid that I have the power to hijack your mind? I have made it clear that I don’t do leadership, so I most definitely did not come here in search of followers and to babysit any grown up. That’s what makes me a God-man. Take it whatever way you wish, it’s your right and prerogative.

If you wanted something other than “the earth is flat” to be communicated to us when you post a video titled The Lost History of Flat Earth (Full Documentary) and prefaced with “Now here is some authentic and advanced science and technology…,” then you really should have explained that. As written, it clearly reads like you support flat earth ideology.

That is not my problem and my fault if that is how you perceive or react to it. It’s your mind, take responsibility for training and developing it. And you do not tell me how I should communicate. Is this really about me or are you struggling with a reality you have never encountered until now?

I’m not a liar, but I admit I didn’t watch the video, my bad. I was assuming you were saying that the earth is flat. Ok, sorry I misconstrued that.

I am not pretending to be anything I’m not. I’m just an average person trying to make sense of a crazy world.

I’m not afraid that you have the power to hijack my mind. Don’t worry.

@Sascha expressed some hope that you would be a leader in the covid thread. I think that sentiment was misplaced.

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Apology accepted. I also apologize for saying you were pretending.

I understand, I am also still making sense of the noble lie. However, I have trained myself to have an open mind in approaching new info. This is why I share info with others to absorb, analyze and come to their own conclusions.

Glad to hear that.

Trust me that was sarcasm, and you got to develop the skills to identify deception or entrapment.

If you do not understand what is going on here, you should tread very carefully, cause you are in the lion’s den. Overall, we good. Peace!

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I ran to nobody, ya deluded paranoid clown.
What is GAGA?
And what does my mothers cooking have to do with it?
Away and get help for your paranoia and narcissism. I get the feeling I am far from alone in thinking your contributions add little positive to this forum.
Take your moon-howling elsewhere.