Earning Potential of the SafeNetwork

Providing resources to the Safe Network will be rewarded.

Has there been any marketing developed or marketing budgets created to attract participants? Are any launch parties, blasts, etc. in the works worldwide?

Sponsorship opportunities for such events could fund them but need planning.


I am sure a successful beta with real safecoins will need to occur before any great fanfare is rolled out.

Planning comes long before any rollout. Planning doesnt start day of.

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Since I’ve been following this project I’ve come to understand “rollout” with respect to the safenetwork to be more of an evolution. At some point the system will just work and all the major bugs will be squashed and at that point it will be ready for primetime. I’m all for planning a celebration when that day comes. Perhaps we could have localized gatherings of crypto enthusiasts connected to other communities via a safenetwork based video feed. What did you have in mind?

Official Launch. As in stable release Of course a celebration but more specifically coordinated global events that will bring awareness to the opportunities to participate Safe Network and the potential to earn. Is there a budget for this @frabrunelle or @nicklambert or has it been discussed at all?

This could gain momentum as groups are formed, cities and agendas are announced, facilities are identified, sponsors are found. Identify facilities that can accomodate large groups, that offer audio/video and sufficient bandwidth to demo the network, interactive live view with the Troon gang, etc. Media sponsors are alwys looking for fresh content and some of these media rags may have some cash to throw at events. Bling Bling Bling - lotsa Bling.

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Yes, a decent chunk of our up and coming investment round has been set aside in our financial planning for growing awareness of the network, and events are a part of that. No launch event per se has been discussed recently but we will turn our attention to this in due course.


This sounds very interesting. I’d love to attend some safenetwork events.

Releases that confound the critics will make the kind of publicity we really need though. Once we get a few of those I suspect the rest will be easy and live events will be sold out :stuck_out_tongue:


Having spent a fair amount of time on Tor dark markets I can attest that the participants hardly ever discuss Tor per se. Instead they discuss the matter at hand, usually commerce in the products that are being traded. That is a taste of what a successful SAFEnet will be like: practically no-one using it will know about or give a damn about this forum or its fans.

The celebration I’m looking forward to is somehow to be earning a livelihood on a vibrant SAFEnet. I might not be the Dread Pirate Roberts of SAFEnet but who knows. Then again, there will be services we can hardly dare to imagine, their originators necessarily anonymous, who will have to keep word of their accomplishments to themselves.

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Count down timer is a must i reckon.