Dynamic content on Safe Pages

I wonder how it would be possible to create dynamic content on “static” pages.

I tried to look at the documentation, repos, forum, etc… but could not find a practical way/example to do it. For example, a blog with a public comment system… How could we address some issues such as:

  1. Since users can comment on the blog post, how to know that the “comment” (key/value) is related to the post (original content hash)?

  2. How to know how many comments are in the blog post? How to retrieve this public comment list, since it is created by multiple public users?

  3. Any user can create a MAID anytime. How to get around spammers?

I do not know If all questions are completely related to the network, but it would be nice to know how to work around them.



Perhaps by checking if the address has sent Safecoin to the publisher before his comment is pulled and displayed.
Another way is check the commenter’s “reputation” (this doesn’t exist yet, I think).

Hi @knuppe

For dynamic content, this us not clear yet, but check out SAFEpress and discussions about this in the forum, also an unpublished RFC by me on dynamic content

There is also an unpublished RFC on appendable Structured Data for this kind of thing.

So quite a few discussions, but nothing final yet, so if you are interested there’s plenty of scope for you to contribute ideas or requirements to this.


@happybeing, thanks for the reply!

I have a few things in mind to contribute, I will try to contribute to the RFC.

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