Dust of Dreams - Invite letters for Alpha 2

Hello friends :slight_smile:

I’m starting a new campaign with invite letters. In the letter there will be a SAFE postcard and invitation letter.

For the postcard, I’ve come to this option:

You can use it and send it to a friend. So at least 2 people will find out about SAFE.

But for the invitation letter I need your help :slight_smile: I have prepared the following text, but I’m not sure if it’s good.


We are most pleased to invite you to test the SAFE network.

The SAFE network is a decentralized autonomous internet with many advantages over the old Internet:

  • your information (photos, videos, documents) is kept forever. No monthly fees.
  • anyone can create a site without monthly hosting fees and no annual domain payments. Even more, your domains are your property.
  • you can sell the unused resources on your computer to the network and earn a crypto money (like bitcoin), called SafeCoin.

The SAFE network is under development and Alpha 2 is currently running. In this release, you can:

  • create and upload websites
  • store information (photos, music, videos)
  • use email applications
  • use chat apps
  • and other.

If you want to browse other users’ sites or make your own, you can find detailed information here: www.SAFEnetwork.bg

SAFE Ambassador for Bulgaria"

PS: If you want the first issue of the first SAFE postcard PM your address and I’ll send you a postcard when it’s printed :slight_smile:


Great Idea

A like the 3 point brief summary of what you can do on SafeNetwork.


Hello friends :slight_smile:

the invite letters are ready.

If you are interested you can see how:

  • the postcards are cut
  • the invitation letters are cut
  • and the final production

Of course then I went to put some SAFE letters :smiley: in the mailboxes:


cool beans! I would take some of these with me if next time I go to a crypto event! That’s not the only place though. You can give them to nocoiners that are skeptical of crypto that is not backed by anything. It’s kinda like ok we will agree to disagree on if things not backed by gold can have value… but look this is backed by an amazing network with properties that we have never seen on current networks.

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oh one thing I gotta mention though… you posted this 12 days ago and I missed it! Only by luck did @lubinew dig it back up so I could see. I think since you are like an official rep of the safenetwork, it would be appropriate if you had a pined thread with whatever open source resources you make to promote the safe network.


Absolutely fantastic as always.
Unfortunately ive seen this for the first time today also.
If all is already finalised, i do like what you have written.
2 things i would personally have worded slightly differently would be.

I would have worded that “stored forever”
As opposed to “kept forever”.

I would have worded this “crypto token”
As opposed to “crypto money”.

But that is just me.
Be great to hear if that makes sense to others also as i can be a bit pedantic.

But great job as always.
Always happy to read your stuff and offer suggestions, which of course, it is good to float with others first.
Pls feel free to tag or pm me if i can try to offer help.


Thank you @bones! In the Bulgarian version that’s exactly what I wrote :smiley: I’m sure your correction will be useful if someone decides to use the English version…

In Bulgarian “token” does not have the same meaning so this is another thing lost in the translation…

The postcards and the letters are ready, you can see two post-up video clips or here the raw version: