Dropbox now $0.12 per GB per year


Dropbox now charges about 12 cents per GB per year.

If one accepts the slight inconvenience of using the free plan of each major service (Dropbox, Google, Microsoft) which requires him to split his data 3 ways (for example family photos on Google, personal on Dropbox, the rest on Microsoft), he can use close to 50 GB for free. (Note that Google docs do not count towards that limit, so were one to store all his docs in Google format on Google drive, that wouldn’t even count).

Those who want to pay can get a large amount of storage cheaply. Others can get a very decent amount of storage for free. It seems clear to me that the cost of storage will not be the main reason to switch to the SAFE network and giveaways will be unproductive.

Farming Rewards, free space for new users, and processing power rewards

I wouldn’t say unproductive. If you want privacy but can’t afford/don’t want to pay and google offers free space and SAFE doesn’t then you’re stuck opting for google whether you want to use SAFE or not.


I agree that if you want enhanced privacy for 10 GB of your Internet-parked data you would “prefer” MaidSafe.
But my point which I stated in other posts is: if Dropbox would (proportionately) cost 10 GB * $0.12 = $1.2, the same space on the SAFE network would cost you 30 cents and I simply don’t believe that someone can afford a device (client) and at the same time claim that Dropbox or Mega (good privacy, by the way, 50GB free!) is such a poor choice for them that they need to be subsidized by the rest of us so that they can free-ride on our network?


It always surprises me that people, especially in the tech community, assume that because one has a device one bought that device, or even owns it, and if one bought it there is the assumption it’s with a continuous income as opposed to a single lump sum. These assumptions rule out situations like gifts, loans, direct barter trades, and one time payments.


Well, the simplest answer I can give you from own perspective is I wasn’t paid and neither am I morally obliged to consider their situation. Their problems are their own.

I’d readily give 50 GB on the SAFE net to anyone who translates a “How to get started with MaidSafe” into one of several languages I find to be high priority languages.
There are hundreds of thousands of people like me, who would barter (or donate in exchange for something of equal or even lesser value) Safecoins for some meaningful effort.

If they still “must have” 50 GB on MaidSafe for free because Mega or Google are too crappy for them while not wanting to put any effort whatsoever in exchange, tough luck!

EDIT: I’ll just add this before anyone responds: saying that people need free (even that is incorrect because they can get fairly free, let’s say on Mega) is like saying that those people are worthless (incapable of doing anything in return that’s worth $0.12).