Dropbox holiday in Scotland... erm *!$%("!


Here’s a screenshot from the Dropbox installer “tour”… MaidSafe, is there anything you would like to tell us? Hmm? Hmm?


i guess Dropbox is already looking forward to working with MaidSafe…


:smiley: very cool, only thing I can say is that I doubt you could learn bagpipes in 5 days really. looks like marketing spiel to me :smiley:

I am sure they must know of us by now, I wonder what they think? I know I figured a while back they could take at least the self-encryption library and parts of drive to secure their customers data properly and at the same time reduce their back end storage costs by a significant amount. It will surely be an interesting conversation at dropbox when SAFE is discussed I would imagine.


I’ve been working on a getting started document myself… Except that this technology is more modern and user friendly so 5 minutes should be enough.


Every time I’ve heard bagpipes it sounds like they’ve had a lot less than 5 days…lol


The linux dropbox client only works for ubuntu. I’d hardly say it hardly works everywhere. And then there’s the whole economical aspect of SAFE to consider as well.


@Blindsite2k I’m using Dropbox on Debian  (via apt-get install nautilus-dropbox). Also on Android for that matter.


hmm it always had issues when i wasn’t using the gnome desktop.


All I’ve done is linked my account - not using the UI really. I use it for synch mostly. At first I installed “dropbox” but it didn’t appear in the UI, so I found “nautilus-dropbox” and it just worked.