Dreamer's offline testnet notes

note: not working right now as the latest cli is not a normal release, you would need to download old cli and node

I just create these notes for me and anyone starting to play with testnets! I will have anything I think is usefull for me here.

for cleaning your existing installation

safe node killall
pkill -e safe
rm -rf ~/.safe

101 either latest:

curl -so- https://sn-api.s3.amazonaws.com/install.sh | bash
safe node install

or building CLI from source

git clone https://github.com/maidsafe/sn_cli.git
cd sn_cli
cargo build --release

have a quick

trigger word


or some sips of coffee or beer
then copy the built CLI to the correct folder (its better to have run the installation script so you have the folders)

cp  target/release/safe ~/.safe/cli/safe

to clear from old nodes

safe node killall
pkill -e safe

for an offline local testnet

safe node run-baby-fleming

for creating keys and preloading an amount:

safe keys create --test-coins --for-cli --preload 1000000

use the network

for PUTs:

safe files put pathtofile
safe files put --recursive pathtofolder

for GETs

safe cat xorurl > outputfile