Dr. Stefan Niemand (Audi): Once people drive electric they are lost to the internal combustion engine forever


Its one of the best most honest articles I’ve seen. The difference between electric and combustion engine cars is clearly at least as great as the difference between 25 inch 320x200 pixel 1970s color TVs and current 80 inch 4K. If you’re talking Tesla its that different. Its time to start betting against and shorting oil and fossil fuels. Their time is over!

almost zero maintenance and almost no consumables to purchase
no gas station trips
no reliance on the BS that determines gas prices and no being charged rent by these bastards
7x more efficient
7x cheaper or great cost reduction to operate
5 to 10x more reliable
no tail pipe emissions, no emission you charge from your roof top
no noise or vibration
5-7x the power and responsiveness, much faster vehicles with linear power response
carries more
soon to be much cheaper to produce
a much better match for self driving systems
If paired with a home solar and battery: decentralizes power, stabilizes the world prevents useless wars

This is the reason that in two years time Tesla pushed out every other luxury brand and became the top brand in the US. The sponsored paid to lie automotive press can’t handle this.

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I can see a similar case being made for android wifes.


You’re right that “Sophia” from Hanson was hot. I wanted to see her with a wig on. Its a new age for blow up dolls! And Hanson said he tried to make them not too life like. We might be in trouble if women prefer android men, or we might have finally found the solution to over population.

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